Thursday, September 20

What have We Become?

I didnt want to write about this. Because it will haunt me, and it did since a few days back. Cant get that dead child's image out of the head. I couldn't stop reading the news break, saw every breaking news, saw the prime news. This is sick. History played with children like they were mere toys in a playground. Pushed and ripped apart. Read the full article, and the connecting stories if you want to know the pain. It will give you shivers, unless you're not human.

Nothing written here would do justice, things will continue. This are mere words, typed on a lifeless keyboard by an unrelated human. Who knows what the child went through, what the parents feel or what the rest of us thinks.

What stops it is inside us all. What makes it continue is inside us also. Do you see a solution now?

Street Child (RIP)

on the streets of light
lived with failing might
one hungry boy and a girl
in a cold damp corner and a will

up high in the house
near a warm fire with a cause
one man with a white paper
wrote a story of a child proper

two souls from worlds far apart
one lived on, another depart
left the girl and the white story
long black night and a girl hungry

the white story wrote
a child in paradise
as the black night swallowed
a nameless boy died, the girl cried

this street child on a cold night
deserved a paradise or a fight
that white story child loved more
the other street child ended sore


a boy and a girl
born to a mother like pearl
the newborns knows not more
than maybe the mothers love

as the mother with children in hand
savors the cold water of the land
one white greed and hate
plans day and night their fate

one day the green hills and blue skies
turns dark with rain and clouds
from hell came the machines of war
death and destruction near and far

and when the mother awakes
not from slumber but bomb quakes
her time slips from her today
slowly snatching her children away


this street child’s story
sings in ears but not merry
one mothers burden and pain
stabs deep in our souls and vein

all our love and passion
to live without separation
one girl wishing her mothers womb
the boy lay dead without a tomb

in a world with gray days
wander mothers with end ways
from a world with a sky blue
sympathy from hands not true

white men with cold blood
don’t stop when all children culled
what greed drives your nation
death and the streets our consolation


remember the story of the street child
the one who died and his sister cried
its a true story in many streets
you and me and mothers left in weeps

and that white story the man wrote
its for the country of the blue people
who wants to watch the world burn
while the street children forgotten in the urn

white story man separate countries
the black night child dies centuries
so two child, one white one black
one in paradise the other on deaths stack

you and me and the century men
watch from afar children burn
the powers of voice silenced
by a white story we so wanted


one season in the night or day
the street child will come our way
our son, daughter, brother and sister
trapped in a century deadly sinister

come man and woman of lost souls
my pain in the hearts the same as yours
reclaim the lives of our times
want not one day our child lives on dimes

this century of blood and death
let not it be the white stories catch
the only blood that flows
will be the ones of true loves'

come street child of mine
a name will I give you to rhyme
today you will be my true child
a boy and a girl, a story told

-Gp 2005- 14/03/2005-

[#] with all my poems, this is unedited, since I first wrote it 2 years back. So there will be disjointed moments, but the message is simple. What you want to take from it, what you feel is The message and nothing else what people say.


Keshi said...

that is sooo sad!!!!!

I guess some humans prove how animalistic we can get...


Anonymous said...

This is speechless.
The way the world if going moving, nothing will be left..

Jeevan said...

Its a humankind post written.

Seal in Astral said...

nice blog bro....


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