Monday, September 17


It's either going to be very sour or turn into fine wine.
Here we go again...

[#] Grapes from the Mardi AgroPark in Cameron Highlands. Same place where I snapped the Bird's of Paradise pic.


Keshi said...

wow rich start to the week, tnxx Ghosty! :)


Ghost Particle said...

[kesh] anytime! thx!

Bla said...

Damn, I hate mondays.

Jeevan said...

My favorite green grapes. Have a nice weekdays nanba :)

QUASAR9 said...

Is it harvest time again
and such a fine line
when the sugar is just right
make that wine sparkle bright

Katie McKenna said...

So beautiful and refreshing!

Shiv said...

ha ha..I liked this post!!!

MM said...

Thats what I call Lush Grrrrrreeeeen!!


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