Friday, September 14

McLaren - Not Game Over!

"We have got the best drivers and the best car and we intend to win the World Championship." - McLaren

Now everyone is so eager to crucify McLaren but look what FIA has to say about the fiasco in their winding up statement:
8.12 The evidence leads the WMSC to conclude that some degree of sporting advantage was obtained, though it may forever be impossible to quantify that advantage in concrete terms.

[Read this brilliant interview with Paul Stoddart to know how the FIA and Max Mosley work before proceeding with the post.
"What does FIA stand for? It stands for Ferrari International Assistance, and that's been proven time and time again to be the case. Whether it's the $100m payment when the manufacturers were threatening to walk away and set up their own series and which started Ferrari's demise in the GPMA (Grand Prix Manufacturers' Association), or whatever, the FIA has consistently helped Ferrari, all the way down the line. The only difference is that lately it's been so blatant even a blind man can see it. And the reality is that it's damaging the sport.]

[McLaren's Official Statement]

The bad news is McLaren have been chucked out of the World Constructors Championship and this...USD 100 million. The good news is Hamilton and Alonso can still fight it out for the Drivers Tittle. I have nothing more to say on this sorry predicament for McLaren, we will wait to hear what Ron Dennis and McLaren have to say in this. And definitely this is the cheapest title that Ferrari have won, fascist bastards. Probably they haven't heard of Karma...we shall wait and see. For the 2008 season, McLaren will have to submit a full technical report on their machine to WMSC before being allowed to race.
[read further - TIMES]
[read further - F1-Live]

Interesting scenario. You are the boss of company M. You have an employee of company F who fucked one of your worker. Company F is furious because you let your employee being fucked. Boss M doesn't know anything, boss M is equally pissed. But secretly half of company M have seen the fuck video! Gasp! Then company F says "Fuck you M, were taking you down, you let your worker being fucked by our guy." Then suddenly Worker M and Worker F says that it's consensual fuck. Now company F with a red face tells Minister in Charge, FIA to punish M because they let their people fuck around.

FIA is always happy to jump into anything that can screw M. So FIA says "hey you...fucker...were going to take you down coz we have fascist mafia bastards breathing down our neck". And they did fuck M. But then it's like hot news, everyone knows who fucked who, who saw the fuck, who emailed and sms'd the fuck. So FIA is put in a spot. So FIA says, okay if we fuck M fully, then we will loose sponsors, fans, wives, etc. So FIA says...okay we wont fuck M down yet. We will cripple them for a season at least. And then company F is like 'wohoo thats nice now bend over M and gimme your points'. And M being the perfect gentlemen mega corporate kow tow buggers they are, they said OK!

But this is not the end F, coz M have 5 more races, and our racers will win the world championship title, who the fuck cares about constructors anyway coz like M sells passenger cars and makes loads of money and F sells...vanity cars. ha ha ha. So like now FIA and F are thinking, damn M you're fucked coz your sponsors going to run away, but nooooo...M is such a good player and the rest of the industry knows that M is an exceptional team that they will have sponsors lining up at their door even if they're kicked out of the race. So in the end, the moral of the story is, You Fuck Someone, someone is going to fuck you back. Or something like that. The End.
[Probably you didn't understand the story, but its true. And employee of Ferrari gave classified info to an employee of McLaren, but there is NO PROOF at all that any of that secret is used in McLarens F1 race car but still FIA decided to punish McLaren because they always bend the rules for Ferrari. And both the employees who exchanged secrets are not present at the hearing!!! Go Figure.]

[Read what Jackie Stewart and Stirling Moss has to say. - Interesting question: Where will the USD 100 Million go? Answer this Max Mosley]

And tell us all Ferrari what is the truth?

[Original Post] If this is true, then it's Game Over. And the only team to be happy with this verdict would be Scuderia Ferrari. We shall wait for the final statement.

Meantime, follow this link, hilarious account of the McLaren vs Ferrari saga. Via TimesOnline F1 Blog.

It's going to be a sad sad day.

As a fan who has been following the sports for more than a decade now, I am angry, so deeply madly angry that if I see Max Mosley anywhere I would spit on his face, not punch him, just spit on him and humiliate him of his moral dignity, if he has any. He thinks he can get away with this, but the world is bigger than he thinks it is, he thinks people will stay shut, but we will see even that. Ron Dennis is not alone today, and Max Mosley will know in due time what that means. And Ferrari too.

All said...See You In Hell Max!


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