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Kedah Gagah Kedah-lah Juara

The Return of the Hijau Kuning team!
Kedah FA did the Treble this year taking the FA Cup, Super League Cup and also the prestigious Malaysia Cup. It's been 14 years since Kedah FA last brought home the MC. This is the best gift for the loyal fans of Kedah FA...since the amazing years of 1987 -1993 when the team played in 6 finals, winning two of them in 1990 and 1993. Together with legendary players like V.Sundramoorthy of Singapore, Radhi Mat Din, Aziz Azizan, Tibor Szaban, Olubunmi Adigun, Jan Janostak, Peter Nieketien, S.Thanasegar Faridzuan Che Hamid, Lee Kin Hong, Ahmad Sobri and many more under the patronage of Coaches, Haji Ahmad Shafie, Milos Kvacek and Robert Alberts and the great Manager, Dato' Paduka Ahmad Basri Akil, Kedah FA colored the local football scenes of late 80's and early 90's. If not for the bribery scandal that hit Malaysian football in the mid 90's, Kedah would have remained the legend that it really was during that time. Things changed for the better starting from 2005 when we were the runner ups and completed the grand return this year with a deserving treble.
His Highness The Sultan of Kedah presenting the Malaysia Cup to Victor Andrag (Team Captain)
Kedah FC, the Champions of Malaysia!

and for 2008...PULUN KEDAH PULUN!...
ole ole ole ole, Kedah Gagah, Kedahlah Juara!

Biar Jasa Jadi Kenangan

Yakinkanlah diri sendiri
Berjuanglah sejiwa murni
Tekun, berani sesungguh hati
Demi sukan mengharum negeri

Biar jasa jadi kenangan
Hijau Kuning lambang kemegahan
Jelapang Padi tempat sanjungan
Negeri Kedah Darul Aman

Kedah, Kedah pantang kalah
Walau sakit, jatuh dan rebah
Bangun lantas semula gagah
Bujur lalu melintang patah

Hijau Kuning darahku
Darul Aman negeriku
Hijau Kuning darahku
Negeri Kedah negeriku
Negeri Kedah negeriku

- Official Anthem of Kedah FA

[#] Hat-trick For Kedah


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