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In a Dream of Everything

I wonder where Home is...Now and Forever. A million miles, a thousand years and countless sunsets, still we are searching for something. Where is home really? Another year older and no new faces I wonder where Life is taking me. I wonder where Home is. No willow, no mountain, no stream I did not cross, a soft breeze and memory thrown decades back, I want to find where Home is. Another year gone, another second too late, I'm still lonely. I wonder if home is only after the end, if home is really for us to find.


Ghost Particle said…
an early weekend, but work beckons. cheers friends.
Keshi said…
Was it ur bday?

** still we are searching for something

true...we r searching forever for something we dun even know..

Home to me is where my heart is..


Pauline said…
Thank you for sharing this beautiful song...hug enclosed :)
Jeevan said…
Wish you a many more happy returns of the day nanba :)
For someone so young, you are so cynical.

tulipspeaks said…
birthday tension nah? :)


Princess said…
only the search drags us towards life..

it will never end.

home is from where we have come abt which no one knows so clear.
Nahuatl said…
beeeeeeeeeeeelated hippi budday! :)
Keshi said…
where r u?

Pauline said…
dropping off a :)
Nanyaar? said…
Gp, Belated Wishes Bro! Home is for your heart to find. Home is not far away its near, its here just a few paces ahead, just dont lose your thoughts in finding something else, something new just for today.

btw., Buble Rocks! and yeah you need to listen to that song, " Comin' home baby " by Buble. hopefully that shud pep ya up.

Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] its on da 28...and uve already wishes...hahaha....hugs matey.

[pauline] thanx a million pauline...hugs back.

[jeevs] nanba, thanks so much.

[gautami] thanx big sis!

[ammu] illela...well yeh...getting older...hugs!

[princess] so true...the path never ends

[nayan] thanx a million bro...

[NY?] so true bro...the paths that we dont take...the things we dont is grand.

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