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I see stupid people

[Not Verbatim] Questions asked by a local TV reporter to an US rep at the UN:
If Iran is deemed as a terrorist nation, then what is Israel?

The Answer: There is no question about this, Iran is a sponsor of terror while Israel is an ally. I find there is no ground to even answer your question.

Q: But Israel develops Nuclear weapons also.

A: No comment.
Okay, I dont know what you make of this, this issue is stale, stagnant and doesn't matter in the world scene anymore, at least for you and me. No matter what you take of this, no matter what a reporter, a single person, a blogger or anyone says about this, what the world will be tomorrow is anyones guess. What's much 'stupider' is that when people continue to ask questions that they know the answer for. If the world goes to the dumps, then it will go down. If the world survives, it will. A single country cant make any difference, not at the UN nor anywhere. If US goes on to attack anymore country in the Middle East, only one thing will happen. Oil prices will increase. So the solution for us? Stop driving and use Public Transport. Yes it doesnt solve the crisis or whatever that might happen, but again it's our backyard that matters more. If the attack burdens the US economy, the fallout will spell doom to the rest of the world. Simply put, we live together, we die together, no lucky ones here.

But do you agree with me in one issue. Nuclear Weapons, the 5 Veto Nations has weapons and doesn't have any strong inclination for Religion. Many of the other nations with rogue weapons have religious fundamentalists as rulers/ decision makers who naturally controls the weapons. I believe if ever they (the 5 nations) come to a decision to launch a nuclear attack, if ever, there will be serious discussions before any action is taken. But when the rogue nuclear nations launch the bomb, they will have only one answer: 'God wants us to do it'. What do you think now?

Peace to the World.

[#] Stupid is as stupid does. Why do people even want to listen to stupids like this?


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