Tuesday, September 18

Hmmm...The World Is Ok After All At 6.30 PM

Why We Love Jackie Chan over here:
A news report carried on the Web site of China's state-run Xinhua News Agency quoted Chan as saying, "The movie I just shot with Jet Li, 'The Forbidden Kingdom,' actually isn't that great.''

Chan was speaking at a news conference in the northeastern Chinese city of Changchun on Sunday, Xinhua said.

"'The Forbidden Kingdom' is a movie made for Americans,'' the report quoted Chan as saying. "Chinese viewers may not like it.

and here

Before shooting on "The Forbidden Kingdom'' started, he told reporters, "I don't have any expectations. It's just making an American movie.''

"I believe the world is anticipating the movie, but I'm not too involved,'' Chan also said at the time.-AP [Read The Full Article]

And what this young man wants...
TOKYO (AP) - The world's oldest man marked his 112th birthday Tuesday and told well-wishers in southwestern Japan he wants to celebrate an infinite number of additional ones.

When asked how many more years he wants to live, Tanabe said "infinitely,'' according to Miyakonojo city official Yasuo Yamashita. [Read The Full Article]

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