Friday, September 21

Cheap Victory / What Future?

[The Matter] Ferrari shamelessly took the 2007 F1 constructors world championship today after McLaren decided not to appeal their Sept 13 sanctions. No, dont mistake this as McLaren accepting the allegations, they never will and the rest of F1 never will either. It's purely because the swine Max Mosley has indicated that should the team appeal, they will be handed a stiffer penalty and thrown out of the 2007 and 08 championships also. I still stand by the belief that only Tifosi's and to an extent Flavio Briatorie who is satisfied with the verdict and fine. But I doubt even the seasoned Tifosi's would agree with this. It's a farce. Only the 'young ones', the newcomers to the F1 scene who prefers pit babes than pit stops who would shout a storm. It's irritating to even talk about the issue, but it's harder to ignore it. BBC Sports has an excellent article regarding this. McLaren, in addition to expelling Coughlan could have accepted the blame of having a rouge employee. But its not a just world, so it would have proved to be a double edged sword in both case anyway.

What the article clearly justifies is that, no matter how far and high they search, and in this case, FIA did not accept Mercedes's invitation to inspect their plant or the 07 McLaren. It proves that Max Mosley have made a decision well before anything that McLaren is guilty, probably under pressure from Ferrari. They simply cant prove that the 07 McLaren has any similarity to the 07 Ferrari. Only communist regimes would sentence their subjects without proof of evidence.

[Speculative] So why, you may ask that none of the other WMSC members did not favour McLaren on that fateful day? Well because Max is on the way out, maybe in a year, maybe in a decade if he doesnt die first. So there is this delicate matter of succession which I bet, in the interest of their cohorts, FIA will want to listen and take lead from Max Mosley. And knowing very well the tobbaco monopoly is out of the race, except, again shamelessly only Ferrari is still signed with another red cancer company, sponsorship will hit an unimaginable low in the coming years. The money in the coming decades lies prettily in the hands of Big Telco's and IT corps. A Google F1 team anyone?

Why is F1 an important sports? Because it Directly translates its technology into passenger cars, road safety and many more. I could not say the same about Nascar and other thrill rides because the rest of the world doesn't follow them well, something like the American Soccer League. FIA sanctioned races are important, and none more than F1 itself. Each race is a billion dollar race, and for well known circuits the money flows into the local economy. The buildup is massive. Hotels will be booked full, merchandise, road shows, TV revenue, famous people, etc. I can only imagine what India's first ever race, if it comes true, will parade. Bollywood perhaps? We have talks about Team India and hosts of other interesting revelations. If this is true, putting a countries name on a race car is a dangerous gamble. What if Team India become a back marker and fail to finish races? Can you figure the headlines? F1 is a complex modern day sports. Maybe a cultural event. It shaped itself into the pinnacle of motor sports. Who knows what the future holds.

Should F1 succumb to squabbles and preferential treatment like what happened this year, then we will have countries with expensive circuits and no races. Should FIA admit, and they wont, that they made a mistake, then Ferrari must accept their fault in purposely trying to salvage another dead season with a cheap win. Will Alonso return to Renault next year? Maybe. But who cares, well maybe the Spanish fans would care. Should Hamilton win this year, then Ferrari is locked out, because 2008 wont be pretty for them either. Should Jean Todt leave Ferrari and Ross Brawn return, then maybe Alonso would be driving for them . The outcome would be exciting indeed. Should all this fail to materialize, and FIA and Ferrari still want to continue making a farce of this sports, then forget about fans and a future for F1.

[#] Was the McLaren spy verdict wrong?
[#] Sir Jackie Stewart's comments.

[#] McLaren's statement on not appealing. McLaren has indeed accepted the fact that they had rogue employee(s). But they still stand by not having any Ferrari material/ tech in their machine. Admirable. And yes Ron, you still have us. Lets get those bastards!

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