Tuesday, September 11


In a few years 9-11 will become just another date in world history. Its cultural significance wont shadow human evolution. No matter how many critical theories are born out of this date, we wont see a significant shift towards policing our own world. We wont live in fear anymore. We wont live beyond our lines of normal conduct. Culture will not define 9-11 as a pivotal point when humanity changed direction or searched for new reflections. We wont succumb to a coward group of fundamentalists who tries to quantify human fear and turn it against ourselves. The date wont serve to remind us what we did wrong or what went wrong. It will stop being an important news reference because the media will create new sensations when they know that we have matured enough to choose the events we want to carry to the next generation. There wont be conspiracy theorist gambling their days away for a peek at flash popularity because even that will stop to matter. There wont be religious memorials elsewhere except at the 9-11 ground zero and its wall of names. This date will not echo the names of the deceased louder than the war field's cry for the innocents who died protecting a misunderstood freedom. How many ground zero's are there then? The whole word is a mass grave. But we did prevail. The whole world is a terrorist target. But we did prevail. The whole world is an enemy. But we did prevail even that. So why should a single day matter anymore? In an increasingly unfair world, the forces of humanity eroding to the concoctions of politic powerplay and preambles of human extinction, we will prevail. Like nature itself, we humans are just struggling to fix our wrongs. But when we are done, days like 9-11 wont serve as a memory of tyrants but as a triumph of the human spirit for the love of freedom. Because maybe we are just romantics who seek star trails over the magnificent black sky and not zealots who are content with invisible sermons. Rest in peace all who died for me, us and the world through time. You are always remembered in our hearts and mind.


Keshi said...

I remember...and will always do.

**but as a triumph of the human spirit for the love of freedom

very true! the suicide bombers may hv thought it wud be defeat for those who died and survived..but it wasnt. It showed how strong the human spirit is even in the face of death.

I will never forget the images of some ppl who jumped to their deaths from WTC that day...their stength n courage is imprinted in my heart forever.


Jeevan said...

I agreed what you have said. If would left for sometimes in the memories and the only country will remain.

“Like nature itself, we humans are just struggling to fix our wrongs.” True bro!


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