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Why I hate American Sports Casting

From Yahoo! Sports:
The sellout crowd of more than 46,686 at RFK Stadium let out a thunderous roar as the 32-year-old English midfielder with the tender ankle stripped off his warmup jacket and T-shirt, displaying his bare chest in a steady rain. He then put on his No. 23 jersey and entered the game in place of Quavas Kirk with the Galaxy trailing 1-0.
- for David Beckham entering the field.
Why Do I hate American Sports? Because their sportscasters and sports writers report an event like they're shagging it. Sick gay buggers ---> "stripped off his warmup jacket and T-shirt, displaying his bare chest in a steady rain!" WTF?!

But the best part of the news would be this:
Tailgaters took their spots in the parking lots several hours before kickoff, and a group of United fans -- known to sing loud and long during every match -- hung a huge banner that read "We sing better than your wife," a reference to Beckham's pop-singing wife, Victoria.
- The DC United fans heckling Beckham.
The word is on the streets that Pretty Boy TomKat Cruise is converting DavPoshBeck into Scientology and soon we will have Beckham stomping couches everywhere.

And there you go guys, an utterly useless post for a useless football player who play useless football. Even my estate football players can pass better balls.


Keshi said…
**Because their sportscasters and sports writers report an event like they're shagging it.

LOL! Ghosty dun u know such descriptions mean DOLLARS for them? I know...pathetic indeed!

Keshi said…
mckeshi? d u want it with extra cheese and salad? LOL!

Ghost Particle said…
i want it with extra hot n spicy chili ketchup. :p
Keshi said…
wow thats how I like it too LOL!

Mebbe Mrs.Beckham can 'spice' it up for ya cant she? LOL!

homo escapeons said…
If Cruise ruins Becks with his SciFi/Religion there will be hell to pay!

Look the number one sport in America is watching stock cars go around and around and around and around in a circle..((crash))

The dumbing down of Sports is in full swing here in the Colonies. The stars are falling like a meteorite shower for gambling, dogfighting, steroids, drugs, yadayadayada...the jig is up.
Heroes Schmeroes!

I hope that we get into SOCCER/FOOTBALL over here so that we can join the rest of the I am stickin' up for Becks! He can add a little sizzle to a game that is considered for kids over here.
Alok said…
not a uselss post but a useless football player definitely ... he sucks and sucks for all the good reason

all sometimes seems lost for glamor, showbiz and fucking Paparazzi ....


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