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When will it stop?

Probably the highest degree of human tragedy is when you plan your future and things look good and the moment you feel good and confident, everything falls apart. That is the darkest fear, the most painful moment you can face. When things go out of control, when you take the backseat and let fate drive.


Pauline said…
What's the matter my friend?
Keshi said…
so true! WOW well wriiten. It happened to me Ghosty. Now I hv left it all to Mr.Fate.

Ghost Particle said…
[pauline] hi! things doesnt look so well in the career field...its so hard to venture out alone...wish I had more wisdom and knew what will happen tomorrow....

[Keshi] but for how long keshiroo...
Keshi said…
as long as Mr.Fate wanna play with my life..Im tired of fighting it so right now I choose NOT to fight....leave it all upto him. Lets see where it takes me.

Princess said…
fate also helps only when we try...

Fate cannot be so strong to held my dreams of long nights... from coming true...
We do this because we are human. We fear what we "think" we cannot control and so when things get crazy we let it ride. Sort of like a gambler that does not know when to quit.

Good post.
Jeevan said…
That's bad, but true.
Phil Friel said…
Hi Ghost - it's me [Phil/sfreader] from the Yahoo Stephenbaxter group and

Sorry to hear that things are going badly in your life. Life has a way of destroying all our carefully-laid plans. Believe me, I know how you feel, in spades.

Two years ago my life was sailing along smoothly, I was working away, taking my kid to the movies, really enjoying life. Then one day, in September 2005, my son came home from school, limping badly.

We thought he'd hurt himself at sports or horseplay. Little did we know that he had a large tumor on his spine and several in his lungs.

Eight months later (April 2006) he was dead, at the tender age of 14 years and 9 months. My beautiful, gentle wee boy, my only child, his life, his future, my future, all gone, gone gone. All his plans, our plans, flushed down the toilet. Just like that. Just like he'd never existed.

I'd always sworn to protect my little boy against any crap that came his way. But in the end I couldn't protect him, and could only watch, helpless, as he faded away and died.

We can plan all we like, but when Life decides to trash all our carefully-laid plans, there's Sweet Nothing we can do except take it on the chin and survive, or crumble under its assault.

To be honest, I'm not sure which I'll do, survive or whither away. It's less than sixteen months since my lovely boy died, and it's far too soon to tell. All I know is that I don't make plans anymore. Ever. I just live from day to day, drifting. I could be dead tomorrow. So why bother making plans?

Ghost Particle said…
[Keshi] you are so true. its less painful that way.

[princess] fate is just another face of reality, fate is only determined by our actions, so knowing or not, things will happen for we have set foot and lived our lives this long, changed the course of time and everyone else.

[jeevan] yes nanba.

[missIOHOOH] hey stranger :p thanx for coming. the end its all about impulses? Our greed or our yearning?

[phil] hello brother. When you told us the story in SB, my mind wandered into my own future or past. Life is too fragile and human tragedy is a package we carry lifelong. I cant and dont know how you would be feeling now or when you watch his photo everyday. Life is too painful for the sufferers. But we have each other and true like you said, we can live our lives a day at a time. wish you all the best, but always do the first thing that comes to mind, that way you learn more.

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