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What Do You See?

[Update!] Pauline and Q9 got it right; it's called the Birds of Paradise Flower or Strelitzia. The bird from which the name comes itself is a beautiful and legendary creature.
Guess the Plant guys...this should be easy.

[#] The apartment swayed for about 10 seconds today (Java 7.4 Quake) but no one ran out this time. Now I seriously should move out of this place soon!
[#] Not many answered my Mac Question from the previous post...
[#] And next's Science or Bust!


Pauline said…
Bird of Paradise!!!!! What do I win :)
Keshi said…
ur apt swayed? Get outta there Ghosty!!!

hmmmI I've seen that plant but hv no idea wut its called :(

And heyy get a McBurger LOL!

Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] mcwhat! Keshi...u!
Jeevan said…
What's the plant name?
Alok said…
Whats the flower name Siva ... have no clue

Gosh it wasnt as easy as u thght

Well the reason for not answering ur mac Q was had absolutely no idea but i guess i can find it out tom

Ghost Particle said…
guys! you should find the answer but you're asking me back! :p You are putting google to shame!
QUASAR9 said…
Wow Ghost Particle awesome pic
Pauline, No wonder at its name.
Amazing, is it shedding a tear?
QUASAR9 said…
Cannot believe nature would create such neauty, and then let it bleed tears - all for nothing?
That juice must be good for something
QUASAR9 said…
And for those who don't have time to search or are just too lazy
look here
Keshi said…

lol! mcnuggets.

Ghost Particle said…
[hi guys] well...i tink its bleeding coz of global warming. heh...
mystic rose said…
lovely pic. tho i didnt know its named after a legendary creature. thought it was just the unusual form that earned it it's name.
Pauline said…
I only recognized this flower because my daughter was given one as a gift.I recall enjoying its beauty. Have a wonderful day, keep smiling!

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