Wednesday, August 8


Saw a huge Parhelion or Sundog last Saturday on the way to Penang. It's not very clear in the photos, a 5.1 mpixel camera and it still doesn't capture clear images...sigh...

At the middle of the Penang Bridge, the diameter could be about ~40 kilometers across look at this perspective.

A high contrast image, it's a bit clearer here.

Another tweaked image.

[#] Travelers: BBD, Sandra, Ghost.
[#] Been extremely busy...will be back in a few days. All I can say it, that Change is finally happening, will come out with some good news next week.
[#] And please do tell me, is it OK if I get a MacBook? Does it work for both Work and also Science (Research)? I'm not into gaming very much but I do need massive Internet!


Keshi said...

Some pretty shots there.

** I'm not into gaming very much but I do need massive Internet!

not into gaming but u need massive Internet for wut Ghosty? :):) Downloads?


Ghost Particle said...

[Keshi] Keshi girl! Dont say the D word!!! :p hahaha...

Kavi said...

Massive internet..?

Neat pictures mate..and Sundogs is a learning for the day for me..!@

tulipspeaks said...

looks good although it will be nicer if the pics are clearer. but sumthing is always better than nothing rite? :)


Nirek said...

sundog! heard it for the first time, good info to know!
GOing to get Macbook??! should be costing you a dosh??

Alok said...

some neat snaps and i must confess mate I need massive internet too

Princess said...

lovely pics..
apart from the clarity.. the sun and bridge looks awesome..

Jeevan said...

Wonderful pics, I liked the 2nd one bro. Good changes are welcome:)

QUASAR9 said...

Tweak Tweak

homo escapeons said...

Cooool..I mean Hhhhot!
I have been told by several 'experts' that if you don't spend 18 consequtive hours every weekend playing Warcrack, get a Mac!

You mean MASSIVE Interwebs!


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