Friday, August 3

Media My Ass and All Else

[#] So you switch on the TV to watch the evening news and you get this "Bridge collapse in Modern America" (transliterated from Tamil - sounds more like 'in modern day America, a bridge collapses' if you understand Tamil). WTF!, I mean what the fuck! Where do these people learn how to read news, who the fuck writes news these days? Is it outsourced or something? Fuck you Astro 8pm Tamil News. It's like they're saying bridges should not collapse in America? What does modernity has to do anything; with bridges collapsing?! Look at you backyard lah!

And then CNN...fucking fake faces everywhere...the news readers, the reporters, everyone!

It stops here, it stops right now. No more news anywhere other than BBC and AlJazeera.

[#] A silly bug has been free-diving in my room for the past hour. Cant seem to whack it! I hate insects. But when you get bats or swallows free-diving...better RUN!

[#] I just realized I remember more than 20 passwords! Not written anywhere, it's all in my brain...words, numbers,'s like I'm a Number Ghost! but I still suck in math...


Keshi said...

lol @bug!

pwds? omg I keep too many in my head but I do get confused sometimes...last time I entered my bank PIN number as our office door pwd and the alarm went off like HELL.


Ghost Particle said...

i have inserted my ID card into the ATM a few times kesh. heheheh

homo escapeons said...

You need to get rid of some passwords before your brain explodes.

The 24/7 American Newsmachine/whore thrives on this sort of event. Stuff like this happens around the world everyday but 1 American = 1000 other Earthlings.
Now that News has morphed into Infotainment and is more focussed on selling advertising time than informing..well it drives me frickin' crazy and is there really any point in arguing about it. If there is a way to make a buck they are going to do it.

It is pathetic.

Nirek said...

blogger buddy becoming a politician is a welcome break! best wishes for him!

Karthi said...

I recommend DW for news.


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