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No one knew when or how they came
it was a day like all the other days
moving slowly in quantum perfection
and then they came
the sun birds
time stopped

and they were never to be found

Abductees: Indra, Vj, Kamales, Sandra, Ghost...
Last known location: The summit of Mount Jerai


homo escapeons said…
Beautiful shots ghosty but that monkey business at the end is creepy!
Alok said…
lovely words and amazing pics

"quantum perfection ... wow!

Jeevan said…
hai very nice pics nanba! The sun and monkeys are enjoyable, glad u had good times there.
Ghost Particle said…
[HE] heh...along the path to the top of the mountain there is a monkey gang area...all of them gather there...i wonder how people dare to trek up, we went by car.

[alok] hey alok, thanx buddy!

[jeevan] thanx nanba.
QUASAR9 said…
lol Ghost Particle
moving in quantum perfection
is there any other way to move?
The mount sounds like a great place to be abducted from ...

Mind you I've just been watching Angelina Jolie and the Cradle of Life again, seems life (ant life and anti-life) arrived in a box - but who made the box

Aaah the magic of poetic licence in movie making and maje believe.
Nirek said…
awesome photos!
Keshi said…
some great pics Ghosty!

and I love the verse too...

tulipspeaks said…
love that 6th pic!!!

Kasa said…
Lovely pix man...very very long hoz u been??/
Kasa said…
ok...will give u more time though...remember pubishing my story in ur blog for that competition??
Kasa said…
man..u forgot my blog name man...anyways...gud u remember me...stay in touch...and pls comment in the posts and not in about page...:P
alex said…

Lovely pictures bro.
H+U said…

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