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In the jungles
where a million eyes follows you
you have daylight for salvation
in the caves
when a million eyes tortures you
you have your faith for salvation
and death...

[#] The search for Jim Thompson part 3...soon.


Keshi said…
Ghosty u reckon death is salvation? ok how? I just wanna know...

Alok said…
yes i think u r right .... in the cave when million eyes tortures u, u can rely on nothing but faith .. but tell me Siva, does daylight also helps when million eyes outside those caves follow u

but i really liked the thought process ...


Pauline said…
What happens next? Is there a rescue, an escape? Nice piece!
kasablanka said…
Did u click the is nice..and the words as well!!!
Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] death is salvation because its an escape. Its an unknown but we know that we are released from problems...but the question remains because naturally we have to live and face the problems before we die. And its a selfish statement too when we say death is the final answer, but when some are stuck at the point where they cant turn back, then death might be the salvation they have been waiting.

[alok] we are constantly being followed and observed, but we also have a pair of those million eyes, when we look out we observe, when we look in we reflect, the same rule for all eyes. Its must more better in day light because we know there is an almighty eye looking from the sky, in the dark the million stars just add to those dangerous eyes. Thanx for reading on bro. part 3 is up!

[pauline] and the journey continues. thanx.

[kasa] yes its my pictures. thanx!
Keshi said…
**Its an unknown but we know that we are released from problems.

u use the words 'unknown' and 'know' in this same line. :) so, do we know or not know?

Ghost Particle said…
[keshi!] well...the death is an unknown...salvation is something we know...we know that death means escape...but we dont know if death is the only mean...ok im lost. :p
Keshi said…

**we know that death means escape

ok I get that part..but even that we really dont know...u know what I mean? or u dun now Im lost too!

Ghost Particle said…
[keshi!] well...we know death means we cease to face the problems of the world and our opinion is that we reach freedom. But then again, in reality who would know if death is the end, we wont know coz no one came back from death to talk about it. hahahahah
Keshi said…
so we dun really know, tho we think we know the unknown? LOL!

Ghost Particle said…
[Keshi] yes thats true...its our perception, we so want to get lost our there get out pack and go 'home' that we dont really know! thats freaky!
Keshi said…
it scares me yet kinda sets me free..wierd ha.

Ghost Particle said…
[kehsi] weird indeed...but even sleep sets us free rite?

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