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Everlasting Awakening

as the cityscape
flash by in between
the flickering bulbs of rainlets
the street lights color those
dark void that always paint
the night aroma of the
starless sky during
winter rains and tall trees
seems to disappear momentarily
as the evening sun adjusts
the templates of sky and earth

it all seems serene as
in a symbiotic relationship
the dancing rainlets on the car window
and the hands caressing her
silky hair and her twinkling eye
providing an enigmatic cross
scene between the window
the rain and the cityscape

as we moved along
disappearing forests
and sudden towns where
frolicking masters of
all ages walk the streets
of the forgotten cities
and you wondered
where love is under this
same starlit skies that we all
seem to be passing everyday
from days of forbidden nights
abyssal moments as the
volumes of life drown
my calls into your ears when
you just slip into frivolous
dreams of feelings

finally as my fingers
touched your rain soaked
skin and only then you felt
as if you were outside
enjoying the evening cool
air of the fantastic
century sky littered with
scars of creation such
as dreams playing
between you and me
but you concede
the love I have for you
making me feel like a
conqueror of day and night.

[#] When you never wake up...

[#] Will be back in a week or so to comment on all your blogs, deeply sorry for not replying, still exploring...thx Keshi, Jeevan, Alok, Pauline, etc...

[#] Currently watching A Century of Animated Shorts, amazing animations. Have anyone watched this; [Father and Daughther] Simply breathtaking.


Kasa said…
You better come and comment in my post..;)
Alok said…
enjoyed this ... loved the second and the last verse a lot

joaninha said…
"my calls into your ears when
you just slip into frivolous
dreams of feelings..." that's what a lot of people is doing around us...
Dear friend after having my computer repaired, I restarted with poems and texts. I´ve not written in English, but I know you tanslate my writing.
Your poem is realy beautiful. It's always a pleasure to read your works as well as your visit to my place.
I'll turn back soon - regards
Keshi said…
come bak! :(

btw who's this person u hv so much love for? ;-)

Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] i dunno girl..i jst dunno...sigh...
mystic rose said…
beautiful!! a midnight car ride in the rain. definitely magical!
Jeevan said…
something very beautiful in this poem :) liked it more!
happy 50th Merdeka :)
Keshi said…
where r ya? :*(

tulipspeaks said…
Selamat Hari Merdeka


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