Wednesday, July 11

Whats worth a lifetime, for?

I realized I've been dragging the same issue over and over again. Comments come and go, assistance, advice in the bulk, special, boring, stale, sarcastic. But I love them all, hungry for feedback I realize I am.

So the day came and went, actually it came many times and went past many times, but this priority challenged brain could not make a decision. Soon I realize more of what my supervisor said is true, the mind and soul and body, working independent of each other wants to make decisions, it fights, the mind wants but the body dont, the soul wants but the mind and body doesnt, the battle goes on. But again I realize that letting go is not as easy, especially when you dont want to let go. The battles of life for passions, and when the passion goes unfulfilled then what is worth a lifetime for?

Soon the conversation with various people amalgamated with the cocky fingers working like a serial rapist of advices and ideas in pushing away the sincere efforts of people. But do I care that they care about what I care? Then after all this I realize what BBD said was true, when we stop judging things, we feel free to do anything. Why a question for everything when all we need is an action for something. A step forward, and so long this futurist wannabe never realized it. What the ghost or sivanesan does have in common is the inability to stop a moment to think.

Why we take steps forward if not to satisfy life, why is because this world is expanding. Its not becoming small at all, this internet did not create super being's who connect everyone in this world, it in fact evolved strangers in a familiar scape. It pushed people apart so much that we had to strain in finding a common link, thats extra work that taxes the brain. More decisions and then the pressure of researching something new comes in view of all this. Thats when it dawns that we are actually judging ourselves wrong by comparing the needs of an individual to the needs of the world. What have I been searching all this while is not to expand my knowledge but to debunk the work of others. Shortcuts leads to wrong paths, tips and trick lead to death.

The essence of all this, a life in search is to satisfy the smaller circle first, priorities what is important before setting forth for new things and outcomes. This is the golden rule of a researcher, a rule that very well came from the family and social institutions. And in this the underlying rule is to search and to let go. You find something, you like it and then you let go of it. The baggage will keep on piling until a point when it doesn't simply occupy space but it takes the life with it. It eats away, snatches time and bury dreams because we keep compensating our time and effort in order to take care of it, to vindicate it and to keep reminding everyone of it. Attempts in glorifying the wrong relics of the human mind. Why God doesn't work in todays world is that when the baggages spill out of a personal circle into the family and friends and the society, then we become conformist who will be punished emotionally by the others in the group when we take a step wrong.

After all this what is worth a lifetime if not to see forward and to welcome the future. What we are going through is a life changing experience, a century of possibilities coupled with human tragedy. This will be know throughout history as the dawning of the new human, when we learned by experiencing things rather than speculating, when we go back to where we come from. A dynamic world challenges the faculties of our belief, a society in constant change, and the death of the conformist.

Think of this as not a fishing expedition, what do you care of the other?, but think of this as a future building project. To realize that life can be consumed if we neglect it is the greatest achievement of a suffering mind. And to wake up the next day will be the greatest achievement of a thinking man taking action and changing things. Why want to waste life in not enjoying things, it's there, just touch it for the sake of it. Why go back inwards, when the world is still fresh from the change that happened yesterday.

This is an expedition of love and life through time.


Pauline said...

You are a man in search of meaning. Sometimes we float as a leaf upon a stream, not knowing where our journey will take us; sometimes with eagerness we pursue a dream. Life is a challenge day by day. A gift of exploration!

Jeevan said...

Life before us is very dark, could only find what is there by passing lights.

I am fearing about it thesedays!


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