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What Is Love?

the cold night spans moonlit scapes,
beside me lie a rose with beautiful eyes,
around us staggers this incredible journey,
together we tread this imaginary story

daggers and dripping blood infinitely far
searching melodies and candle lights near
dramatic gatherings and laughter, what moves
are we together married and eternally in love?

-gp-sometime in 2005-
[#] One of my broken poems, emotionally overcome before I can finish it, too much a romantic, wanting more than I am 'allocated' in this universe.
[#] I think I've passed my 100 poems mark...I dunno. And the poetry collection: TimeScapes is still in the making, have to get myself together to finish this, it would definitely be the strangest and most underrated collection ever :p

BTW, click on the label:POEM to read more of my poems, haven't labeled all century of it though.


Pauline said…
Just call me silly, I couldn't open the what is really inside?
Keshi said…
Ghosty I dunno what love is anymore...and I dun even know what Life is anymore...nothing makes sense anymore...

Ghost Particle said…
[Pauline] Heh, you cant open the file pauline, its just the front page. I have done it yet.

[Keshi] YEs, the illusion of life and reality doesnt exist anymore. I wanna go fantasy!
Nahuatl said…
Cooooool! :)
Princess said…
Timescapes is a pleasant word to read and experience...

100 poems- too good. i wish i can write more poems :)
Pauline said…
You tease!!! I know you have poems to share.
Open the cover
and throw
the pages bare
to the air
let them out
every cry
every shout
every silent
sob and yes
every tear
every joyful
I know you have
poems to share! one can define it..

That's why it love...
Karthi said…
Make a pdf file and upload it your blog. The value of work increases if it is available offline!
Jeevan said…
great love buddy. Congrats...It was cool design for your book!

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