Friday, July 20

The Time Traveler and his Volvo

...and just as I thought of posting a re-post of my old posts of poems or something.

The weekend hangs wet in the monsoon and just as the rest of the world is IM'ing me asking 'hey, watsup for Friday..." I paused for a moment to look out of the window...dogs barking, the guards must be on the loose again, buggers, cant they just leave the dogs alone. They can kill the cats anytime. So back to the story... Friday?! I dont have Friday is so lame in a free lancer's life, the same goes for Saturdays when I go like 'okay...this saturday I'm going watch all those DVD's and then go to Tesco, get some stuff to make a kickass pasta and then sleep...and read a book and go to the city...'. And Saturday comes I wake up at 1 pm (Coz most probably I would sleep at 7 am or something). I live on EST and CET like all those deprived translators, freelancers, etc. I need to be awake when Americans go to the office, if not I get e-mails like 'Dear SN, please send the files ASAP, the clients are hopping mad!' or 'please send the file by today, we are sorry for pushing you...'. Yeh right, pushing? If you sleep 4 hours a day, pushing is an understatement. Like yesterday at 6 am I felt an earthquake, and then realized it was my body trembling of lack of sleep...

After we uneventfully skip Fridays and Saturdays we come to Sunday. Sundays are like 'BHIS - bloody hell it's Sunday!' coz every sane member of the humanity who planned his/her future would have to go to work on Monday. So on Sundays I wake up again at about 1 or 2 pm, go to the 7-11 and get a carton of milk and the Sunday paper. By the time I reach home there's like 2 cartons of milk (one plain, another banana flavored), three newspapers coz ghost likes the pictures on the them, a few packs of Oreo's (god bless them), a giant bottle of A&W root beer (god bless root beer) and bread and canned chili Tuna. This is a great mystery, have you ever gone obsessive compulsive shopping? I do that at 7-11's. Whatever their marketing plan is, it works on me. Damn! A trip to the 7-11 is like one of that great exodus kind of thing, coz I have to go hunting for food at 3 am and like nothings I'll scavenge every 7-11 in the town to get something and finally end up with everything.

And before this turns out to be another crappy story, I'll tell you that now I'm positively addicted to the net. And I'm downloading like hell! And do my work, more than before, service probably a billion clients and feel all warm inside when I look at my work on major one knows one understands, But the next time you use any web application or mobile guides in the local know, lil ol ghosty had his ghost paws on it (together with thousands or faceless linguists out there, the savior of the human race, the ones who never have vacations and girlfriends). And then we come to the 'my hands are painful' days. I realized I've been typing a few thousand, maybe 10k words per day. My wrists are all painful and my fingers are functioning on their own...I think I'm turning into a Zombie! Eat-Work-Dont Sleep-Wan*-Blog-Eat-Type....

For this whole year I'm trying hard to get a car, the astrologer said 2008 will be good (Yes, apart from all 'I dont like religion stuff' that I say here) I'm still religious like there's no tomorrow...wait! Is astrology religion? Oh watever, so like I wanna get a car so that I can go Travelin! I'm thinking like a Volvo S40 maybe coz it will set me far away from all the losers I went to school with (with their fugly Japanese cars). And me and my Volvo will tell travel stories to each other, we will see great places, meet great people and ride from Singapore to Europe via Thailand, Burma, Tibet, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Europe (I didn't do well in my geography). But then I'd probably not get a touristas visa into Europe or Yaaa-merica! because I dont have a real job (you need that to get visa there). So i'll park my car at a seaside in Europe...maybe one of those cool Portugal beaches and recite poems into the wind. And Fred will probably go 'you fucking dreamer, you!'. And then reality will dawn that my USD 500 a month pay wont get me a Volvo, it wont even get me plane ticket to Europe. bohoo! A Volvo costs like USD 80k here...I would have to whore my ass in an 8-5 job for ages to get a Volvo and by then the petrol will have ran out and I would be pushing it maybe. Or global warming would have screwed us anyway. A remote possibility would be that I get a full time job which is not happening now because the world is fixated with short term jobs. Hell capitalist warming will get you!

Probably, just probably I can go to sleep now and wake up at 8 and go see the client and pray that the pm doesn't complain to ze boss that I never come to work. But then, ze client doesn't want to close the stupid project anyway! So I'm stuck in I wont sleep, nada. The coda of my life is to...stop typing stupid words and finish that toothpaste website...but hey, procrastination is my game and ghost particulation is my name. (yeh I know, not funny, but you guys laughed to lame Friends and Seinfeld jokes for years, you hippopotamus-crites!). Now, hippo's are cute animals, I dream about them sometimes chasing me on the freeway, but thats just me and a day of eating too much chocolate and drinking too much soda. Coda my soda, porrota with chicken curry and a partridge in a pear tree. I ate deer meat today, pepper deer. I'm a carnivore, heh.

So there you go friends, thats my Volvo Story. Just that I don't have one. And I would be pleased if the good people from good Sweden would give me a good one because I love good Ikea! I have all three colors of the Fniss little pen holders. (If you really do want to give me a Volvo, I love the S80 as well, the most beautiful car in the whole wide world).

The question is "Who Would You Give A Volvo To?"


Ghost Particle said...

Ghost Says...yes...the colors you ask? I've just gone KraYon!

Archikins said...

LOL - for all except the carnivore part. Who will i give a volvo to...hmm u got me thinking!

Ghost Particle said...

its a big deer arch...not the small one...this is like a big reindeer meat or sumthing. but i stop there...i cant eat frog or anything...urgghhh...

Keshi said...

LOL @KraYon!

**For this whole year I'm trying hard to get a car, the astrologer said 2008 will be good

ur serious Ghosty??


Jeevan said...

Its cute dream about hippo:) hai that was a cool car, i wish u to buy it.
deer meat is as well as like goat meat is it, both are species!

Ghost Particle said...

[Keshi] you bet girl, i hate it but ill wait for the ghost mobile for a few more months!

[jeevan] actually deer and goat taste the same, but deer meet smell less. I dont know how a hippo tastes like.


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