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SunTV Tamil News

I was just watching Sun News in Astro Channel 73. They just showed a horrible crash scene verbatim! Fck them! Children could be watching bloodied mangled bodies strewn on the road. Even BBC / CNN don't show this kind of TV cruelty. I know this things are delayed, but it's high time Astro or whoever transmits them to sensor the images. People know how bad accidents are, you dont have to show them how it looks. Let the family face the sadness of the human tragedy in dignity. This is not the first time tough, every news airing has some sort of graphic image. And dont even start on the 'how lame and late' they show news reports, its like a whole 1 week after it happens some times. And please Astro, we don't want to know any crap Tamilnadu politics anymore. We see more than enough here already. Sensor your Tamil News!


Maran said…
SunTV famous for showing such images.

Once I saw a news clip of some South American soldiers practicing stabing with their bayonet. They were "practicing" on stray dogs tied to poles!

Then there's a clip of a guy falling to his death! Complete with sound!

Happy viewing :(
tulipspeaks said…
my dad watch the sun news every nite n i think there is nothing more than visuals of men in white veshi walking around n giving speeches!

Nachi said…
screw the news, i only like to watch South Indian the dance sequences!!!

I do not watch Sun TV. I do not understand the language.
Ghost Particle said…
[maran] Welcome to the club! my god man...their reporting is so bloody damn unprofessional!

[ammu] Heh! Well said!

[nachi] I love em too bro...

[gautami] Hemm...I dont know what to say now :p
Karthi said…
Just watch other hindi channels, you will pardon the Sun TV.
Jeevan said…
they thought of giving flurry news and heading with those. It affects very kind peoples.

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