Monday, July 9

What shall I name this post?

Ok people time for teamtalk, gather around....OoooK. Good.

Now I want an opinion from everyone whether I should do something which might or might not change the course and direction of my life. And no, no marriage involved.

Lets look at this problem, A. I got into A because of my desire at that time to stay in my field of study and become an expert in A. But then, through unforseen circumstances revolving around life and the world, after 2 years, I had to push A to the side well become becoming an expert and concentrate of work and other matters. Now 5 years after getting into A, I am still not an expert nor do I have the spirits to finish A. And to make matters worst, the power's that be decided it's the screw Ghost year when they're planning to kick me out of doing A.

So the question is: Is it still worth to do A, or should I just go on with life?

While the way out is easy, thinking of the 5 years that have gone past and the results that did not come is really depressing. The struggle to stay on track is also painful, as the moth eaten path of time now remain like relics of a young and naive era. And worst of all, it's distracting to what I'm doing now, countless sleepless nights, etc. I just fear the humiliation I will face from everyone who either supported me or detracted me in the past. I told them all I can achieve this, if I did (or maybe do) there wont be much apologies, but surely after 5 long years there wont be much celebrations either. People in the science and research fraternity always has many things to fear but the biggest fear is when your juniors overtake you. You can keep a dumb face for long, sooner or later either you're going to laugh into insanity or cry into a dark corner of your darkest imaginations coming true.

So please do tell me than I'm not to old to be considering all this and that hope never dies and that there is a day in the future all this will be vindicate. (Am I supposed to give the answers? Heh!) Alternatives are many, but the age matter, and getting a permanent work matter and getting on with life matter is more pressing now.

To A or not to A is the question.


Nirek said...

go ahead bro! Finish your phD! Don't give up now!

Ghost Particle said...

bro its Msc not Phd. I believe at this rate I wont even be doing Phd.

alex said...


If you still have the urge and passion to complete it, go on.

Otherwise, its best you stop and move on.

We choose based on our dreams at a certain point of time. It does not mean that the dreams should stay unchanged after a year. We learn. We change. Dreams change.

People might/will say "He made the wrong choice.". But i wonder if anyone can say so, because life is uncertain.

tulipspeaks said...

sometimes, u just have to follow wht ur heart says. wht i think or wht ur supervisor think matters very lil as compared to wht exactly u feel.

wht do u feel about it?


Karthi said...

Gp, I think I have told my views are.

Archikins said...

Caution may sound abstract and impractical blabber.

Ultimately, you need to decide what role you want to play in the universe. In my eyes, a garbage collector and a President are equal in that they play a part to make the world function in one way or the other. So do you want to be a garbage collector, a president or something else? And then, that determines the steps towards that role.

It sounds like your passion is resarch and science. If a PhD is a step towards that role, then you should go for it. If you can define a path to that role without a PhD, then so be it.

If you think the journey matters take the long winded road with some scenic beauty along the way. If you think the getting to the end goal asap matters, take the road that leads you there fastest (which may infact be the winding road!!)

Stop not till you find your passion.

To A or not to A .... or is there a B or a C? That is the question!

Ghost Particle said...

[alex] the crossroads are hard to dechiper, but I do want to go on and finish this. Hope things turn out well, I am willing to change the way the dreams work not the dreams themself and I have many of them. We will see. Thx bro.

[Ammu]The heart knows all, things are complicated and busy, I think I will make a decisions very soon.

[Karthi] I remember and cherish them forever brother.

[Archikins] That is a thoughful and wise reply my friend. Its the journey that provides the challenge and not the destination alone. Maybe I'm destinated to take the many winding roads first before fastracking to the end. But the decisions are sometimes made by others in this matter. We will see what happens, I am confident I will come out of this. Thx!

Jeevan said...

My opinion is the 5 years of hardness should not be wasted! Hope u will come to a decision that was positive.


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