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Jenny the nature girl!


Keshi said…

Is she ur's?

Ghost Particle said…
Holla Keshi! shes like yes, half mine and half my buddies. but both of us cant keep it coz we have stupid neighbours. So it will go away soon...sad.
Pauline said…
Jenny is beautiful, enjoy her. Perhaps the neighbors will change their minds after they visit with Jenny for a while :)
Keshi said…
o no!!! :*(

tell ur neighbors to stop barking!

Ghost Particle said…
[pauline] actually they wont show if they like dogs or not, its the neighborhood and its a religious issue. That sucks. But we are sending it to a good home, the family loves her and promised to take good care.

[Keshi] We had so many issues bout dogs here Kesh, man there was once when the bugger reported my previous dog to the dog catcher, it was a sad thing.

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