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Harry The Boy Banker

The weirdest thing is happening here on the sales of the final HP book. Tesco and Carefour decided to give a huge discount on the books and the dirt stupid local bookstores decided not to sell the books citing unfair business. Borders was smarter (yeh they should be, they're not local) went on with the sales and as expected they're sold out (despite selling at the full price!). Seriously, the local bookstores are accusing T and C of undercutting their business or something, dudes, listen, people want cheap books, we have the most expensive book prices anywhere in the world. I would love to see Tesco opening a bookstore! Screw with the unfairness, this is fair business, just look at what Amazon did with the prices. You know what's unfair? What's unfair is that the book seller's are not serious in pressuring for the prices of books to go down. Hell I might even get the book for fun at Tesco. I mean you can protest but why the heck do you stop selling it? The book will probably sell if it's a thousand bucks! [All the past tittles of HP and LOTR are sold at all Payless books around KL for cheap prices.]

So now that the series came to an end, what's going to happen? Will the kids go back to their real life? Will they even read anything else after this? Or will JKR come out with a new series? Or gasp! a Potter reunion book? Probably she can dig something out of all the fantasy books out there and mash up something. Kids if you're reading my blog, You Shouldn't! but if you do, read the fcking book, dump it and go get a real book! Seriously magic and witches don't teach you anything!

[#] Listening to Timbaland - Shock Value while procrastinating...or deciding how to spend my imminent early retirement from the current job. If you see me in the club I'll be acting real nice...if you see me on the floor you'll be watching all night...


Keshi said…
I hate the HP hype. I really do.

Jeevan said…
Here in chennai people were standing in long line to buy HP. It attracts kids, it bring the reading habit than nothing i feel.
Ghost Particle said…
[Keshi] Same here Keshi...some wizard he is!

[Jeevan] yes true what you say, but what will the children do after hooked on HP drug for 7 books and then declaring nothing is better than it?:

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