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Ferrari Trash

I've tried to hold my silence until at least the FIA verdict comes out at the end of the month but the tension is too much. Yet again that crappy mafia team from Italy screws Mclaren point blank and we see Tifosi's everywhere (and including Bernie and Max) hoping so much to disqualify the best damn F1 team out there. McLaren Mercedes is the single best F1 team that outlines how a motoring team can blend motorsports and the corporate world for the benefit of everyone. This is one team where not a single cent goes wasted. They 'get back more than what they put in', all the time. Even Vodafone exited Ferrari knowing that the team revolved around 'Only' Schumacer and there is no hope beyond it. Raikonnen your ass, wait till he turns moody, then you would know who has the real world champion material.

McLaren had the best racers for years, Mika was and still is my favorite, the one man who can kick Shoey's ass anytime and how Hamilton would have loved to do it if shoe face did not chicken out. And Ron Dennis is the best F1 boss there is. There is no way he or the team would ever want to 'copy' whatever crap that comes out of Ferrari factories.

I'll leave the rest of my rambling till the end of the month, but I just beleive that no one can screw Hamilton's golden debut season or Alonso's supremacy , not even the trash that ferrari throws from time to time to mask their incompetencies, Ferrari Trash. Read the histories and you would know which team cheated and sleazes their way through this years and whose drivers cheat all the time; remember Monaco 2006?. I shall wait for all you tifosi's to sink into oblivion soon. The Silver Mclaren will trash the prancing pony.

[#] The Case or GoogleNews

[#] Mclaren's statement regarding the mainstream media circus/ speculations, More Mafia Behavior of Ferrari.


[#] McLaren

[#] Next F1 update - why Ferrari is so messed up after Schumacher/Brawn left and why they're pressuring the FIA with this trash and also what the 'Toad' guy does with all his money (end of month update).


Nirek said…
thats bad news for that design engineer who has those documents!! Industry is full of bull-shits like this dude. those document may be junk paperwork, still the competing company claim loss of something important over it...
anyway that engg is a poor guy who gonna be victimised!
Ghost Particle said…
[Nirek] bro wish it was that simple, there are loopholes in the laws that will make Ferrari look saint and McLaren turn devil. This is so stupid, just by pocession of documents by an idiot man would eventually screw a team, but then they cant prove the changes, its that complex. If in a normal case we can prove prima facie then the case would be thrown out, but I dont know what FIA would do.

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