Sunday, July 22

The Equation

For change to happen, we need an equation.
The equation for Change is H+U. Human and the Universe.

Now we make it happen, action.


Nachi said...

hmmmm, i like this.


Archikins said...

Change happens even without "H". Is "U" the cause & effect of Change or is "U" just the effect of Change? - i.e. the cause being external to "U" namely "void" as there is only void beyond "U" - that is a question with no answer.

Ghost Particle said...

[nachi] mee to...:p

[Arch] The void we cant even imagine...the white yonder...but H is important because we are born to observe and make change. Everything happens in our perspective, atleast for us. We are the cause of causality, we are also there to face the effects of it.


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