Thursday, July 26


Okay, this is truly amazing, the way the movie geek and tech geeks dissect every piece and cell of the movie to come. Amazing is an understatement. Sound analysis of the teaser audio, photo analysis...I bet somewhere some ubergeek with a supercomputer would have done some DSP or image analysis complete with brain wave analysis of everything Cloverfield, from the makers to the fans. Euphoria or simply genius science fiction stuff?

But the biggest story would be if...the movie comes out as a dud, if we started reading reviews that give it a 'wannabe' status...pity me for not liking Lost, because is lost! But hey, I'm a sucker for SF...b-grade, Z-grade, lets celebrate 21st century cinematic brain drugs! Wohooo!!!

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Keshi said...

hey Ubergeek ;-) Im bak. Did ya worry thinking that I ran away with some hunk or something like that happened? hehehehehe...

tnxx for being so concerned. Read my current post n u'll know wut happened.



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