Thursday, July 5

Binary Mania

So now you have 5 active email ads, 3000 saved emails and 120 tags in Gmail alone and you're wondering when you're going to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You've been awake 18 hours straight, finished 120 minutes of transcripts, two short translations and checked the bank balance and discovered you are OK for a few more months.

You get a call from the thesis supervisor and you never pick up, and then get an SMS saying I need to register and finish the thesis ASAP and you wonder what you're future gonna be like. And then at that moment your evil roommate walks in and you wish you just took that teaching job and avoided the 5 miserable years here just on time to see him give his 'I'm all innocent look' while he flips the satellite TV.

You walk to the fridge, stumble in the dark, open it and discover spoiled banana flavored milk from last week, scary looking vegetables and the fish curry mom sent and you are happy that lunch and dinner is covered. You wander in and out of the empty rooms, stare at the oven and remind yourself not to cook anything for the rest of the week, and look out of the window to see the swimming pool and a dozen hippos in it and realize global warming is real.

You sit back in front of the pc and watch some YouTubies and then chat with a few friends among the billion or so online, check out a few blogs and realize there are just too many of them. You open up Google and decide to check for some porn when a sudden rush of the boredom hormone knocked that idea out of your head and you realize you might be asexual.

Then the Samsung sang Good Charlotte and you see your project managers name on the screen and wish you had some superpower to make them all disappear and you realize that you are stuck in a job you dont like. You have to drag your ass to the clients office tomorrow, and then sit there wasting precious time while they decide what to have for lunch, tea and dinner and you realize some people can just live being lazy.

So it's the PC, Internet, Emails, Cellphone, SMS, Fridge and Oven and TV that rules your life. (And bills).

You realize this is reality and it's just not worth it and you're just 27. Life must really be bad here or really good somewhere else.


Nirek said...

frustration leads to a peaceful solution! I am happy that u r feeling the unrest now...this will lead you to a blissful future!

Jeevan said...

I too realizing global warming is real andit grows well! the gadgets makes us to think between them.

Kavi said...

Life is the same everywhere mate. In some places it is worse. In some places it is better. But the human mind and its resilience...well, that is universal !

Princess said...

hi ghost,

Every1 is taking up computer related jobs means lot of money to buy all that is desired and so a house full of gadgets and so global warming and hence humanity is far away from nature........ I believe everything will ultimately return back to nature ways of living for which people will be paying huge bucks.

thinking of it makes me sick... lol
but this post gave me a good laugh.


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