Saturday, July 7

07.07.07 - Live Earth.

07-07-07...what is so special about today? So far, I managed to cook something that turned into tasteless roast chicken, ate 3 bowls of Post cereal, watched 5 hours of TV, slept for 6 hours, surfed for 4 hours and worked for 8 hours. Probably the most special thing to happen just now is when Lewis Hamilton got poll position in the British GrandPrix.

Live Earth

Guess what? Today, over the whole 24 hours of 7-7-7, about half a million idiots in 8 cities around the world will attend concerts to raise awareness of Global Warming. And guess what again...its organized by Al Gore. Yep, the guy who invented the internet, and almost became the president. There's enough stuff here to make a Michael Bay movie.

Concerts, people, 'Live' earth...ring any bell? Yes! Live 8 back in 2005. The giant concert that's supposed to alleviate poverty, famine, etc in Africa. It's been 2 years now and people are still dying there, AIDS eradication doesn't seem to gain momentum, Darfur is a bigger mess now and people just dont care.

So you get 150 musicians to sing to what? Reverse global warming? Educate the public (2 billion TV viewers projected) about global warming and then what?! How the heck do you reverse global warming? This is bad science, just like when superman reverse spun earth to reverse time. Plain stupid.

It's Saturday, if anyone wants to make a statement, ask people not to go work for a week and hold the concerts on weekedays! Do you think anyone would give a rats ass to pop concerts trying to educate (see it doesnt even go together!). People are there to party and pollute. half a million people will 'create' rubbish. Why dont Al Gore spend his Sunday touring the venues and he will see what happened.

And all along the concerts there are cartoons (yes cartoons) to show what pollution and GW will do to earth. And how to stop that from happening. Firstly, you cant, WE CANT STOP GW. Secondly, if we stop polluting now, most probably it will take another 50 to 100 years to have any significant effect on the environment. Thirdly, WE ARE SCREWED. Coastal areas will flood, people will die, the environment will be trashed, etc. Finally, NO BODY CARES! We stop now, we stop the pollution, the green house gases, etc and in 10 years the skies will be clear, but then the damage is done. Anyhow STOP polluting now. And dont go to dumb concerts to learn about GW, just get a scoop of icecream and time how long it takes to melt. Like 10 seconds! The earth is freakin warm!

As we can see, this is purely academic. Thats how the politics are portraying the situation. Stupid Bush is crying baby crys that it will destroy the America economy if it ratifies anything in the scale of Kyoto, well FYI Bush most if not all of your green house releasing industry is in China and India! And we all do understand that asking American to stop burning fuel will mean they will freeze to death. But be practical, there are other ways. China and India will never ratify Kyoto either, theyre emerging economies, so it's another big 0 against earth. The farmers in Indonesia still slash and burn -- more smog and haze, Amazon is disappearing fast, shit is happening folks, we are too late.

So how do you save the world? You can get Hiro Nakamura to travel back in time to kill off the industrial revolution and stop humans from coming out with farming or you can just change your lifestyles. Throughout the concerts, if you watch it, you will see tips, cartoons and short movies on how to change the situation. You don't have to watch it, read Live Earth at wiki or just google anything from Global Warming to Green House gases to learn and educate yourselves about whats happening. Or you can buy tomorrows newspaper to read todays news (:P).

Just not to give you the idea of hopelessness, the earth, according to ice core records and climate modeling might not be entirely doomed. This could be just a major reset event, maybe a few thousand years early, but things will turn out good. The only bad thing is that it's happening during our lifetime. So some parts of earth will be underwater; read: Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai (no wonder theyre building tall towers!), no more cute penguins, no more glaciers, etc. But at the same time there could be a freezing event, a mini ice age soon. And desertification -- China is doomed in that way and giant storms and hurricanes around the world. But ultimately things will turn out good. We will survive, just as we did many times before. (or the Super Volcano, Comet, Black Holes, Bird Flue will get us first). Just in case, if you are living on coastal areas, MOVE OUT NOW!

[#] actually more concerts are held around the world today, even in Malaysia, but it did not make the global cast me thinks, the Wembley concert is airing locally now.

[+] Read how Gore defends the concerts.


Archikins said...

Absolutely true GP - unless we humans dramatically change certain things - like stop driving cars (!@$#%^%!!) the Globe ain't getting any cooler. But, can the process be slowed down, the end-impact moderated? Guess that's the question.

While concerts for GW is tipping on ridiculosity (hey we can invent words right?), guess there's this large populace of young-and-the-restless-who-care-about-nothing .. may be, just may be these concerts will make them stop and think for a second?

p.s. enjoy your outbursts -a lot of truth said in the process!

Pauline said...

I hear your frustration. We can make a difference individually. Perhaps we won't see big changes, but you and I and our families and friends, each one of us making an effort can be helpful. Question did Al Gore volunteer for clean-up after this info-mercial???

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Ghost Particle,
It's the thought that counts
Sure thought never did anything on its own

But Live Earth is about getting the message across - ironic really that the only exciting thing about today was the Grand Prix

Alas, c'est la vie!

QUASAR9 said...

I think we all know we cannot ALL drive gaz guzzlers and four by fours all day.

After all even the average home does car share. "Dad you using the off roader today, mind if I take it out?"

But imagine if when you went out, you not only found traffic & congestion, but found the rest of the road full of off roaders.

We can't eat & eat all day, and when we over indulge we are aware that moderation is required.
The same with cars, how we drive and how often we drive are as significant as to whether we drive or not. But I think the focus should be not on killing the dream of car ownership (and home ownership) - but producing alternative fuels and electric motors.

It could make you very rich !!!

Keshi said...

I thought the same way...I mean what PURPOSE do these concerts really achieve apart from just the fans enjoying this one day?


Jeevan said...

By the concerts, people are going to mess the places with rubbish. How many of the watchers are going to really realize for what there they are crowded.

I am too near coastal areas bro! I hope my place will not go undersea soon. Is that true that the hole in ozone layer on top of Antarctic is first reason that ice rocks melt more?

Ghost Particle said...

[archikins] I think what you say is true, but then again our attention spans are very short nowadays, the way i see it they will go home and do whatever they've been doing all this while. But if 10% of them change their light bulbs, then it's a start. :D Thanx!

[Pauline]Al gore wont clean up...the secret service wont ever let him :p Small differences, small changes, I hear you. We can and will make a difference.

[Q9] I understand you, make a point, but then we've been making points since many storms, pollutions, dead rivers, etc. Lets just hope our level of optimism doesnt die out. And I agree with you on the alternative tech and fuel. Want it or not, we must get it done soon!

[Keshi] Go girl! I hear you, seriosuly, you live in Oz, the mega party country right, and you can see the amount of rubbish that piles up after that right?

[Jeevan] True to what you say, how many is what we want to know. Maybe we will one day. Coastal areas are safe for the moment, but if you see an iregular pattern in sea rise, flooding, please move out.
And no, the ozone hole doesnt melt the ice, there is a magnetic dip at the poles and it doesnt affect it either, what actually causes the ice to melt is rising earth temperatures. Simple as that bro.


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