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Weekend was...


Where do we belong?

In all our dreams, all our travels, all the people we meet, all our days, all our lives do we ever find out where we belong? Will we ever?


Okay, this is truly amazing, the way the movie geek and tech geeks dissect every piece and cell of the movie to come. Amazing is an understatement. Sound analysis of the teaser audio, photo analysis...I bet somewhere some ubergeek with a supercomputer would have done some DSP or image analysis complete with brain wave analysis of everything Cloverfield, from the makers to the fans. Euphoria or simply genius science fiction stuff?

But the biggest story would be if...the movie comes out as a dud, if we started reading reviews that give it a 'wannabe' status...pity me for not liking Lost, because is lost! But hey, I'm a sucker for SF...b-grade, Z-grade, lets celebrate 21st century cinematic brain drugs! Wohooo!!!

[#] Cloverblog

Our New Home

The New Anfield

[#] It's good to be a Liverpool Supporter in this Lifetime. It's really good.
[#] Official Site

SunTV Tamil News

I was just watching Sun News in Astro Channel 73. They just showed a horrible crash scene verbatim! Fck them! Children could be watching bloodied mangled bodies strewn on the road. Even BBC / CNN don't show this kind of TV cruelty. I know this things are delayed, but it's high time Astro or whoever transmits them to sensor the images. People know how bad accidents are, you dont have to show them how it looks. Let the family face the sadness of the human tragedy in dignity. This is not the first time tough, every news airing has some sort of graphic image. And dont even start on the 'how lame and late' they show news reports, its like a whole 1 week after it happens some times. And please Astro, we don't want to know any crap Tamilnadu politics anymore. We see more than enough here already. Sensor your Tamil News!

Ivory Pianos

during the descents of the days
when the mind seldom forgets
of shameless frolics of golden suns
at the boundaries of scarlet wastelands
awakens grand gravity trees
to compositions of songs of the keys
created by surreal clicks and clanks
of the sacred fingers on ivory pianos
and vast cycles of soul harmony amasses
linearity in nonlinear universes


[#] Don't ask how.

Harry The Boy Banker

The weirdest thing is happening here on the sales of the final HP book. Tesco and Carefour decided to give a huge discount on the books and the dirt stupid local bookstores decided not to sell the books citing unfair business. Borders was smarter (yeh they should be, they're not local) went on with the sales and as expected they're sold out (despite selling at the full price!). Seriously, the local bookstores are accusing T and C of undercutting their business or something, dudes, listen, people want cheap books, we have the most expensive book prices anywhere in the world. I would love to see Tesco opening a bookstore! Screw with the unfairness, this is fair business, just look at what Amazon did with the prices. You know what's unfair? What's unfair is that the book seller's are not serious in pressuring for the prices of books to go down. Hell I might even get the book for fun at Tesco. I mean you can protest but why the heck do you stop selling it? The book wil…

The Time Traveler and his Volvo

...and just as I thought of posting a re-post of my old posts of poems or something.

The weekend hangs wet in the monsoon and just as the rest of the world is IM'ing me asking 'hey, watsup for Friday..." I paused for a moment to look out of the window...dogs barking, the guards must be on the loose again, buggers, cant they just leave the dogs alone. They can kill the cats anytime. So back to the story... Friday?! I dont have Friday is so lame in a free lancer's life, the same goes for Saturdays when I go like 'okay...this saturday I'm going watch all those DVD's and then go to Tesco, get some stuff to make a kickass pasta and then sleep...and read a book and go to the city...'. And Saturday comes I wake up at 1 pm (Coz most probably I would sleep at 7 am or something). I live on EST and CET like all those deprived translators, freelancers, etc. I need to be awake when Americans go to the office, if not I get e-mails like 'D…

What Is Love?

the cold night spans moonlit scapes,
beside me lie a rose with beautiful eyes,
around us staggers this incredible journey,
together we tread this imaginary story

daggers and dripping blood infinitely far
searching melodies and candle lights near
dramatic gatherings and laughter, what moves
are we together married and eternally in love?

-gp-sometime in 2005-
[#] One of my broken poems, emotionally overcome before I can finish it, too much a romantic, wanting more than I am 'allocated' in this universe.
[#] I think I've passed my 100 poems mark...I dunno. And the poetry collection: TimeScapes is still in the making, have to get myself together to finish this, it would definitely be the strangest and most underrated collection ever :p

BTW, click on the label:POEM to read more of my poems, haven't labeled all century of it though.

Ferrari Trash

I've tried to hold my silence until at least the FIA verdict comes out at the end of the month but the tension is too much. Yet again that crappy mafia team from Italy screws Mclaren point blank and we see Tifosi's everywhere (and including Bernie and Max) hoping so much to disqualify the best damn F1 team out there. McLaren Mercedes is the single best F1 team that outlines how a motoring team can blend motorsports and the corporate world for the benefit of everyone. This is one team where not a single cent goes wasted. They 'get back more than what they put in', all the time. Even Vodafone exited Ferrari knowing that the team revolved around 'Only' Schumacer and there is no hope beyond it. Raikonnen your ass, wait till he turns moody, then you would know who has the real world champion material.

McLaren had the best racers for years, Mika was and still is my favorite, the one man who can kick Shoey's ass anytime and how Hamilton would have loved to do it if…

Just another travel photo(s)

Walking through Gua Kelam, there is a beautiful park and camping ground inside the surrounding lime stone hills

Wang Kelian border crossing

Propaganda Tower 2007

Bindran surrounded by mysterious orbs; at the sugar cane fields

Vines in the Gua Kelam forest park

Stalactite water droplets; inside Gua Kelam

[#] Travels during May and June to Perlis (Gua Kelam, Wang Kelian, etc)
[#] Travelers: Bindran, Sandra, BBD, Kumar, Ghost.

What The!

Queen star finishes PhD thesis after 30 yearsWed Jul 11, 7:08 PM ET LONDON (AFP) - After more than 30 years which he spent as a member of one of the world's most successful bands, Queen guitarist Brian May has finally finished his PhD thesis which he began as a student in the 1970s, The Times reported on Thursday. May, 59, earned a degree in physics at Imperial College London but after years of studying interplanetary dust, he abandoned work towards his doctorate when Queen took off. His interest in the subject was reignited when he co-authored "Bang! The Complete History of the Universe", which tells the story of the universe from the big bang through its subsequent evolution, and was released last year.[Read Full News]
[#] Somedays you know there is hope still.

Whats worth a lifetime, for?

I realized I've been dragging the same issue over and over again. Comments come and go, assistance, advice in the bulk, special, boring, stale, sarcastic. But I love them all, hungry for feedback I realize I am.

So the day came and went, actually it came many times and went past many times, but this priority challenged brain could not make a decision. Soon I realize more of what my supervisor said is true, the mind and soul and body, working independent of each other wants to make decisions, it fights, the mind wants but the body dont, the soul wants but the mind and body doesnt, the battle goes on. But again I realize that letting go is not as easy, especially when you dont want to let go. The battles of life for passions, and when the passion goes unfulfilled then what is worth a lifetime for?

Soon the conversation with various people amalgamated with the cocky fingers working like a serial rapist of advices and ideas in pushing away the sincere efforts of people. But do I care th…

What shall I name this post?

Ok people time for teamtalk, gather around....OoooK. Good.

Now I want an opinion from everyone whether I should do something which might or might not change the course and direction of my life. And no, no marriage involved.

Lets look at this problem, A. I got into A because of my desire at that time to stay in my field of study and become an expert in A. But then, through unforseen circumstances revolving around life and the world, after 2 years, I had to push A to the side well become becoming an expert and concentrate of work and other matters. Now 5 years after getting into A, I am still not an expert nor do I have the spirits to finish A. And to make matters worst, the power's that be decided it's the screw Ghost year when they're planning to kick me out of doing A.

So the question is: Is it still worth to do A, or should I just go on with life?

While the way out is easy, thinking of the 5 years that have gone past and the results that did not come is really depressing. Th…

07.07.07 - Live Earth.

07-07-07...what is so special about today? So far, I managed to cook something that turned into tasteless roast chicken, ate 3 bowls of Post cereal, watched 5 hours of TV, slept for 6 hours, surfed for 4 hours and worked for 8 hours. Probably the most special thing to happen just now is when Lewis Hamilton got poll position in the British GrandPrix.

Live Earth

Guess what? Today, over the whole 24 hours of 7-7-7, about half a million idiots in 8 cities around the world will attend concerts to raise awareness of Global Warming. And guess what again...its organized by Al Gore. Yep, the guy who invented the internet, and almost became the president. There's enough stuff here to make a Michael Bay movie.

Concerts, people, 'Live' earth...ring any bell? Yes! Live 8 back in 2005. The giant concert that's supposed to alleviate poverty, famine, etc in Africa. It's been 2 years now and people are still dying there, AIDS eradication doesn't seem to gain momentum, Darfur is a …

Fall Memory

when memories arise
men will fall
the earth...

earth will grieve
for it has lost the

thus God dies
along with the illusion

and a new journey will begin

the universe ceases to exist
this dream
no one wakes up from

the memories,
where do they come from?

and they woke up
with the songs of the heavens
resonated by the nova quartet
exploding to the tunes of the
forever fountain
in the eyes of cosmic angels


Binary Mania

So now you have 5 active email ads, 3000 saved emails and 120 tags in Gmail alone and you're wondering when you're going to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You've been awake 18 hours straight, finished 120 minutes of transcripts, two short translations and checked the bank balance and discovered you are OK for a few more months.

You get a call from the thesis supervisor and you never pick up, and then get an SMS saying I need to register and finish the thesis ASAP and you wonder what you're future gonna be like. And then at that moment your evil roommate walks in and you wish you just took that teaching job and avoided the 5 miserable years here just on time to see him give his 'I'm all innocent look' while he flips the satellite TV.

You walk to the fridge, stumble in the dark, open it and discover spoiled banana flavored milk from last week, scary looking vegetables and the fish curry mom sent and you are happy that lunch and dinner is covered. You wander in and…

Torres to Liverpool

Finally the two weeks of circus and roller coaster ride came to an end. Fernando Torres is officially a Liverpool FC player!

...aint Rafa looking younger? Chicks gonna dig his new looks!

4th of July

Happy IndependenceDayAmerica.

Just to let you know...

We Too Died For What We Believed Was Right.

So stop waging war on the world!


Jenny the nature girl!

Operation Gua Kelam

Malaysia's Biggest Sugar Cane Plantation; Chuping, Perlis.

Project Jungle Ant

Giant Ant from the jungles of Kedah.