Monday, June 4

Unity in Music

After nearly 40 years of enchanting music that united the people of various races, voices and ideologies...
R.I.P Loga, may music continue to serenade you wherever you are and may your music last forever...
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[+] TheStar
[+] Alleycats
[+] Lyrics (in Malay)
[+] Some Vids (search AlleyCats or Allecycat in Youtube)

[-] No blogging for a few days, a tribute, from a fan.


Keshi said...

I didnt know him but I know him now, tnxx to u.

May he rest in peace!


homo escapeons said...

Wow the Alleycats were a big deal over there, I looked up your links..
at any rate it is much too young to die...but 29 albums is quite impressive!

Nahuatl said...

Sad news.
May he rest in peace.


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