Saturday, June 16


Had many reflection posts, many soul searching posts, and still am veraciously optimistic that the world will last through the hell of politics and socio-economic slavery. The world is bigger than any of us, the human will is bigger than anything. So here are a few stories to reflect.

[+] Indian slum girl 'makes good'. (Al Jazeera)

[+] Slaves to the goddess of fertility. (BBC News)

[+] Stories of Modern Slavery. (BBC News)

[+] 2015 Where will we be? (BBC World Service Trust)

[+] Your Views (Al Jazeera debates)

Maybe we are not really trying to change things, we are just happy to be in the revolution, to find it cool, we are no more successful than the hippies of the 60's and 70's. This time its different, its not enough to just highlight issues. But in this lies the conundrum, if just as many people reads the issue then the collective will is greater and the change would be too. Will we want just to be part of the pop culture or redefine our own culture to correct matters?

[distraction] Walking in Memphis by Cher


Known Stranger said...

Firts time here ...thru Keshi's Blog..
your header picture is awesome mate....

Velu Nair said...

GP, have u been told a million times already that this new template ROCKZZZZZ??

Keshi said...

ur right...we r really not doing anything to implement the change.


Ghost Particle said...

[KS] hey thanx mate! The world is our stage. always keep that in mind and you can do anythin!

[velu] thank you sir. indeed. :p

[keshi] yes, nothing...emptiness.


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