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Penggembala Cahaya/ Light Herder

Penggembala Cahaya

jauh di penghujung belantara
seorang penggembala cahaya tua
berdepan sekeping cermin kaca
sambil merasa usapan angin nusantara
bertiup tak henti berabad lama

merenung dia bertanya
semusim berlalu detikan masa
tidak pernah rehat dari berjasa
hidupnya terbentang juga serupa
terlerai bagai cebisan cahaya

hilangnya pedoman juang kerana
zaman menelan mantera Samarasa
fikiran berombak berkecai kata
tak dapat dia melihat dataran serata
musim dan pohon mati kehilangan masa

penggembala cahaya
menerangi zaman dan puing masa
mantera hidupnya menenun dewangga
merambat mata fikiran anak muda
tiba waktunya dia berpisah jua, tapi

penggembala cahaya
semangat mu hidup sentiasa


(and a very loose translation)

Light Herder

at the end of the forest
an old Light herder
faces a glass mirror
while feeling the Nusantara winds
blowing non stop for centuries

staring he asks
a season of time passes
he never stopped shinning
his life opens unending, similarly
it disintegrates like light particles

he loses his fighting spirit
the eon diminishes the Samarasa incantation
his mind breaks apart with his words
he could not see the expanding horizon
season and tree's die loosing time

Light herder
shining eons and time ruins
his life invocations weaves new tapestries
propagates the mind and eyes of the young
comes the time for separation, but

Light herder
your spirit lives forever

[#] I dont know which is worst, an inspiration at 3 am or the inability to translate it properly. Its like a dream in a foreign language.
[-] The poem is of a Light herder, the herdsman who sells lights to shine and enlighten generations and his imminent retirement. (Nusantara is a name for the south east Asian archipelago given by its natives, Samarasa is a Sanskrit term meaning the mind at rest or something like that. Sanskrit could have been the original written scripts around here brought in by the conquering Indian kings...)


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