Sunday, June 10

Memories Remain. Post 500. we returned to innocence. The universe and beyond in the shadows of a leaf, at mercy of the tides, in forced variations of colors and evolution unjustified. I am (still) Ghost Particle. Time Traveler, Destiny Unfulfilled.
Scriptures of Life

Of Life

Along the trails of time,
Among flesh and blood,
Appear divine sparks of life,
And new souls unfold

Of Living

You and I in the cold,
Impatient through the years,
All along the world muted,
There we were spotting stars

Of Love

Sometimes in the evening,
During those warm years,
We crossed path dreaming,
Unknowingly finding tears

Of Death

Walking along paths and valleys,
Clinging anxiously to destiny,
One part of soul willingly flies,
To the courtroom of Gods for eternity

[#] This is my 500th post. I cant think of what to write, or probably not finding the time to write something thoughtful. Going through a complex period of my life right now, decisions to make, many of them. Probably would change many things permanently. The craziest thing of this all is not knowing whats going to happen tomorrow, or for the matter not knowing what is happening today. Tried in vain for these 5 years to be free, to chase liberty, but found myself chasing shadows. In between everyone who knows what to expect and who can see the future, here I am not knowing.

Enjoy the poem above, its a repost from the past. It may best define my life, maybe our lives. What I want is a hand to hold, a heart to touch, a soul to share and a dream to come true. Procrastinating the future doesn't take us anywhere, do what you want today, then tomorrow will unfold just as glorious. What I want more, is to travel, to meet people and above all to create, dreams. Having so much hope, probably you would ask why all this plays, all this pretension of things that I have but portray of not having. But certainly my friends, you will realize that more than anything that we have, the heart is a precious little reminder that there is life above all artificiality. Whom we laugh to, whom we cry to and who we become are made in the heart. What pains most is the heart, what warms most is the heart too.

I don't have the keys to time to unlock the door of the future, to find love. Now...that is what I want. Love.


Kavi said...


500 posts is a lot mate ! Watch my space too, as i hit an important milestone too.

Your works have been a treasure to read, reflect and savour. I feel deeply connected to you and am sure our friendship will grow and blossom ! We can do our bit to change the world !

Congratulations once again !

Pauline said...

Lets celebrate! For those 500 posts! Think of all the hearts you have touched revealing your inner feelings that much!
A long long time ago when I was very young my mother saw me struggling with life decisions. Such a wise woman she wrote me a note telling me to stop. Life is lived day to day we donot have the final say. Our destinations are already planned. Relax my friend and just let go....let the river flow, and take you on its journey.

gautami tripathy said...

So where/how do we celebrate?


Keshi said...

Nice on Ghosty! So deep, beautiful and real.

Sometimes I wonder where my soul wud go after my body dies..


mystic rose said...

loved those four poems. very good!


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny