Monday, June 18

Masala Weekend.

Masala weekend kicked of on Friday with loads of work, hence it became clear to me that translators and localizer have no life absolutely. But sometimes strangely enough, we dont have work on weekdays...


Sivaji opening day in Malaysia grossed MYR 560,000 breaking all local Tamil movie records. By Saturday it's playing in 53 theaters nationwide. And Sivaji went head to head with Fantastic Four 2 (Galactus dies :p) and Oceans 13. Naturally, Sivaji should have opened on Thursday night in all cinema's. But obviously Fantastic Four will bring in more moolah hence the 'stupidity' of the mainstream cinema owners in not screening Sivaji earlier would be justified. But the people had different ideas. Fights broke out from Penang to Klang and a theater was even burned. On you face I say, right on your face ye movie distributors, how could you hold back our Kapitan, the best thing to happen to us since baked beans! And I would also point out that AVM should have sent all the reals as promised (sold), why shortchange us, Malaysia has one of the highest fan concentration outside India.

Here lies the dilemma, a Hollywood flick would certainly make millions, so why would GSC or TGV risk with Sivaji right? These movies will open in more than half of the screens in each cineplexes. Compared to Tamil movies which might not even open in some cities here. I think maybe it's time for some privileges to be given to mother tongue movies, moreover, Sivaji will make atleast 10 million bucks in this country easily. Some fans have watched more than 5 times already in the past 4 days. All hail Tamil movies, we kick ass. My review will come over the weekends, since I already booked the tickets. :p hahahahaha....BTW anyone here needs to book their tickets, please do it online, its easy and guaranteed you can get tickets. (Please dont be stupid and spend more for tickets, touts are useless buggers and you wont die if you dont watch the movie on the first day. This is not Nayagan or Indian, this is pure Rajni entertainment.) And also, I understand the longing to go see the movie in an Indian cinema, who can beat the worn our seats, and sunflower seed (kuaci) allowing cinemas, but when you're paying, you deserve the best so go to a decent cinema which is safe and you are guaranteed a refund if anything goes wrong.

Disclaimer: I'm not anti-Rajini, I'm just not a fan. But I respect (with Ali-G ressspeccct!) Tamil movies. Keep it real! :p

Some headlines locally:
Star: [Rajini fans shows who's boss] , [Movie fans go on rampage] , [Rajini movie breaks record for opening day takes].

Lewis Hamilton

Okay, this guy is a mystery. If he is so damn good, why didn't Ron Dennis bring him in ealier? He's the absolute super rookie with an absolute rag to riches story to carry along. Come on, even Ferrari fans are thrilled! Hamilton won the INDY F1 race and broke a few more records. The priceless moments came when Alonso were pissed, swerved his car and was visibly upset during the prize giving ceremony. But who cares, I'm all for the one who tries, honestly tries and kicks ass. If Alonso can let all this go by him and focus on the race as a 'game' thats enough to bring back the golden 80's and 90's of F1. Enough said. Bring it on. I'm all in for Lewis taking home the championship this year.

My New Oven and Food blog

The good news is I'm going to have a food blog soon and I bought a new oven. The bad news is, you're probably not going to learn any decent recipes from me, the food is always ghosted. :p So wait up for the tricked out recipes from ghost world. Wohooo! Eat you hearts out Jamie Oliver, I cook better than you.

Work and Freelancing

The dilemma continues when freelancing pays more than work. So why work? I don't know, I hate work because nothing is moving. It's the same stupid job I had last year, the talks of changing education and students fizzles out. Come on, its the digital world new age revolution paradigm shift, and I'm digitizing textbooks. I thought this was cool but the now realizing that the learning world is outside, not in front of a computer. The kids are going out less, they are zombies in the internet age. This is bad. We want change for the better, a well rounded student rather than a know all weakling.

Freelancing gives an opportunity to explore stuff. I do things with wider importance and help support many industries. Real translators are unsung heroes who are the back office workers of the world. Maybe one day I will become one of them. But the burning question indeed is whether I want to be this forever? When will the astronomer inside me wake up...

Sir Salman

Salman Rushdie, one of the greatest modern day writers was knighted. And I haven't read any of his books! (most of it are banned here anyway) But hey I loved watching Mrs Salman (Padma Lakshmi) in Planet Food. She was the best...

Galacticus, galactus, galacticos?

Okay, I fergot what they call Real Madrid, but yesterday they ended their 4 year trophy lull with a Spanish league tittle win. It all looked like they lost in in the opening half, with Barcelona scoring 4 in their own campaign, and Madrid letting in one. But then in the second half everything changed when Madrid scored 3 to lift the cup. And Beckham is leaving the club after lifting Real's 30th league win. Talk about the most successful club in the world. The highlights of the match would be pretty boy Tom Cruise kissing Katie completing a TomKat soccer drama and also my evil housemate (Billa) waking up the entire apartment when he shouted for Real's 3rd goal.

New Stuff To Come!!!

(i) A 50-60 photo blog for Malaysia/ India anniversary is in the works.
(ii) A blood type, organ donor tag (label) thingy or maybe a widget.
(iii) 2050 rebirth
(iv) EarthPot Curry (ghost's foodie blog)
(v) My photo blog (Transit Tamils) rebirth.
(v) More competition from the ghost particle project! stay tuned folks!


mystic rose said...

a medley of thoughts. :)
cant even to begin to figure out the film star craze.

as for Salman Rushdie, i did try and although was interested inthe beginning just couldnt keep the interest up for more than ten pages. hes a great writer though :p.

Nachi said...

Fantastic Four 2 (Galactus Dies????)..thanks for the spoiler mate!!!! i didn't even bother reading the rest of the post fearing further damage to the few joys that i have in life...

and yeah, Rajni rules...i need to watch Shivaji. hope i manage to get a copy with subtitles.

ps: i'm back from my summer travels!!

Keshi said...

I saw it on Sat :) I wont tell u the story..all I can say it u'd fall for that chick straight away..she's HOT! Most of my guy friends n cousins r in dreamland now LOL!


Ghost Particle said...

[mysticrose] Movie stars and Asia, tell me about it. Its a mystery, but then again can you see what happens when brad pitt comes on the red carpet...the western world is the same...
I tried to read satanic once...the guy who had it 'showed' it to me for about 10 minutes before was slow, but I think it will pickup after that. Must read his other good books, midnight children and etc. Thankyou for dropping by.

[nachi] bro, my faraway travelin mate...WB! Actually its not a review bro...dont worry. :p Hope you will get sivaji...

[keshi] yeh...shriya is a mega babe...thats what she is! :p

Nachi said...

hehehe...did i hear the term 'a mega babe'????


ps: finally read the rest of the post

alex said...


So much to wait for. :)

Ghost Particle said...

[nachi] har har har...yeh...the term is so indian bro, hahahahaha....use it all the time. Thanx for reading!

[alex] your positive outlook and also in context. your comment actually mirrors so much to lookforward in life and also in the blog. thanx mate!

homo escapeons said...

Nooooo don't tell me about FF!!!!
I have been reading the FF since the mid 60s and they along with Prince Namor, Thor, Avengers, and the Silver Surfer, are my can keep your Batman, Superman, as you may have guessed I have high hopes for the SS.

I realise that the SS is too esoteric for mass consumption by those 19 year old knuckleheads that studsio executives make all of their movies for these days so my fingers are crossed. You see they fuinally have tha CGI technology to actually TRY to do the Surfer although I know that the storyline will be totally dumbed down for the idiots.

Rushdie is still banned there?? What is up with that? A Caliphate? Shutup!?

It is the 21st Century?
Banning books just makes them more powerful, but hey, when you're guarding traditional information, that is historically suspect at best, and considered by others to be completely manufactured at worst, I guess you have to start somewhere.

Nothing screams INSECURITY like banning other ideas!

Ghost Particle said...

[HE] heh! I love the surfer to!!! and also silverhawks and all the underdog heroes...and Voltron and Thundercats. SS potrays the hero I love the character and the CGI made him so damn cool!

Yep, they still ban books, Singapore and Malaysia are the first two countries to ban the satanic verses.

Insecurity over their own existence.

Keshi said...

Ghosty d u know what happened to Jeevan?


gautami said...

I think I will watch this movie.


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