Friday, June 15

Blogger in Draft - Test Out

[#] Blogger introduced Blogger in Draft recently. It's basically new widgets, tools and blogger enhancements from the blogger labs. The first in draft stuff is Video Upload (max 100 meg of video upload per upload). Tried it and uploaded on of the classic travel vids from da ghost world. Complete with narration....and millions of birds.

[+] Blogger In Draft Blog (read this first)

[+] Experience Blogger in Draft - This link will take you to your Blogger Dashboard. Click 'New Post' and on the tool bar you will see the video post icon beside the post photo icon.


Keshi said...

wow thats cool! TY Ghosty.

btw I replied to ur commen in the last post. Check it out :)


Jason said...

So many birds.. Is Hitchcock's imagination becoming a reality?
Where is this place?

Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] thank you! And i replied back to back...:p

[jason] hey buddy! I seriously think there are more birds than humans...This is somewhere near my hometown. Bird nest harvesting is big time here...probably its all reared birds. But my hometown (Sungai Petani) used to be a migratory bird transit town. But nowaydays there are no more migrating birds. They used to come from siberia and china. Thx bro. Rock on.

Keshi said...

nah u havent :)


Keshi said...

duhh Ghosty I mean YOUR prev post!


Nahuatl said...

Cool man! You are my google! :)

Pauline said...

Impressive, I'd say. :)


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