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Autobots Roll!

Do you know how it feels? It's like 15...20 years ago you would never have thought of seeing the guys actually there, alive on the big screen. It's more than a toy, a's culture. That's what comic books and cartoons are. And then when you see them transform...the silent tears, the awe, the crystal eyes starring back at you. They are here. Beautiful...
[#] Updated.

[#] Next up is the review.


Keshi said…
what d u mean by transforming? That these characters r being replaced by new ones?

Ghost Particle said…
[Keshi] me bad Keshi...should have said Transform. har har har...i mean transform from car to bot and vice versa.
Keshi said…
oh ok :)

me a bot too..let me transform now..wheres mah mask!

Ghost Particle said…
[Keshi] oooo Kinky! :p robo mask eh....hemm...u can be the lady bot...Ariel.
homo escapeons said…
Was it awesome! After an endless parade of disapointing sequels, Shrek3, Fantastic Four and a terrible Spiderman 3, I have high hopes for Transformers and Die Hard 4!

crosses fingers!
Nachi said…
bring on the machines!!!! awesome bru!! have been awaiting the release of this movie for quite some time now...

and Michael Bay sure knows how to make em' movies (remember Armageddon??)

sweet!! 4th July!!
Let them roll, ghost!
tulipspeaks said…
transformer-mania! :))))

how have u been buddy?


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