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And The World Stops for Sivaji

[at least for the Tamil makkal]

Okay, first of all I'm not a big fan of RajniKanth. And the reason would be because I hate his fans. And here lies the dillema. The fans are 99% of all Tamil makkals. So it's like me going against the whole of the clan. But hey, I'm da ghost, so I'll do what I want. And I made it a point to tell my housemate (who is a brainless idiot who prays to Rajni) that I'm going to download and sell pirated copies of Sivaji on the day of its release. But hey, who am I kidding. One more day and the Rajni fever is slowly creeping up...yeh...its creepy. You have to be a Tamil movie fan to understand the force of the movies, even Yoda can't explain this one. Very strong, the force is, of movies. Its going to be a traumatic few weeks for me. I just hope they don't stick posters on me.

And hes bigger than the overrated Amitha Bachan (What do the northis see in him - oh, btw...since Rajni is chums with Big B, there might be a Amitha Bachan special appearance...). Thank God I dont watch Hindi flicks much. Daymn! Rajni (the king of style, the toast of all cigarette makers) is already one of the highest paid Asian artist and with this movie, he will be No 1 in India and the rest of da world. (heh...made me laugh...laughing at my self).

Well if you can't beat them then join them. So here we go, celebrating the release of the most massive super duper mega mix mumbo jumbo king kong of a Tamil movie ever released. All hail...the BOSS...RajniKanth in Sivaji (Releasing June 15th WorldWide). The songs on loop...oru koodai sun light...oru kudai cosmic ray....lalalala style....

(yeah the colors, the colors! you may shout. but hey, its not only the color. He defies physics, he is anti-Einstein all the way, relativity doesn't apply to him...this wallpaper will surely give you nightmares...)
(this one has more style....)

And after all that, you can ogle at this guy...a peace of mind...natures marvel.
[#] Checked the listing, it seems the movie wont be in the mainstream cinema's on the 15th. So whoever want to brave the mob of the living dead rajni fans can go to the Yindian Cinemas...and pray you can atleast catch 10 minutes of the movie in peace. There's gonna be serious privacy invasion by people who dont understand that their 9 bucks ticket entitles them only their seat. Dumb dumb people. And the girls will be doing it too. I just wish one day someone gives a tight slap to any girl who whistles or jumps and dances during Tamil movies.
[#] (Note) Tamil movies come from their own Movie Industry in the North and are popularly known as Kollywood. Tamil movies are not Bollywood movies and we dont want to be known as part of the Bollywood movement. The Hindi movies are part of Bollywood and they are basically made up of actors and artists who wish they were born as 'whites' (yes, trust me on this). In their ideal world dream, they are Americans living an Indian Dream (Married to Super good looking trophy wives, or married to some big time doctor, engineer, IT guy from the US :p).

[#] I'm waiting eagerly for critics review on this movie. Indian movie reviewers are well known for their 'balanced' and 'unbiased' reviews. (yeah rite :D)

[#] The Ghost only recognizes one actor as the best ever and hes KamalHassan.

[#] Okay...MAROON 5 is on the loop now! Damn they're good!


Keshi said…
**In their ideal world dream, they are Americans living an Indian Dream (Married to Super good looking trophy wives, or married to some big time doctor, engineer, IT guy from the US


Ghosty guess what...I've been sold 3 tickets for this movie in a Cinema next week in Aus...and guess what again...IM GOING. ROFL!

I'll come bakk n let u know wut new Earth-shattering kicks Rajni has learnt and abt his Newton-law-killing moves!

Neodawn said…
Me too no big Rajini fan… but one has to acknowledge he is good in comedy…
As you said… the best actor by far is Kamal. But then Rajini is not an actor, he is an entertainer…Rajini’s movies should be watched in theatre with the fanatical crowd… it is just a different experience…

Going tonight for the preview show… will update you… :)
Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] u got tickets! everyone got tickets...but theyre not even sold here yet!!! Ill wait for ya review Keshiro!

[neo] bro, share your sentiments...ill wait for a few weeks then go watch it. hehehehe...
Keshi said…
I was forced to buy em from a! I said ok but Im coming to see it only cos I wanna laugh when Rajni swims thru walls.

So yeah I'll be going on Sat nite...will tell u all the details. When r u gonna see it? Mebbe we should see it together :)

Ghost Particle said…
Keshi! now thats a swell idea...but I am known to sleep halfway through tamil movies...:p
Anonymous said…
Only 4 ppl making fun of Super Star Rajini ...too low...

Come to chennai to say this words ina crowd..letz see the reaction...
Ghost Particle said…
[anon] yeh I will say it if I have the chance. isnt it the tamilians nature to be bold in a group and chicken out when alone? Probably you did not understand the post. The blog world doesnt need anons like you, another chicken I presume.

I'm so happy to make your acquaintance! Sounds so formal....and I'm not!

hey, it's always great to meet new people in the blogworld. I'm glad you found your way to me. New people to meet and to learn from!

I will definitely come back here. I don't think I will have the opportunity to see this movie here in the United States. Maybe on netflix...if you know any other movies with JOHN ABRAHAM in it please tell me!!! I'm in love with him!!! :)

Keshi said…
lol Ghosty I can wake u up to laugh at an out-of-this-world kick by Rajini that makes his enemy rotate 360 degrees multiple times and land in China.

Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] heh! true...its shankars movie so it will be fast paced, and the fans wont let us sleep. or...ill wait for 3 or 4 weeks when the cinema is empty..if it ever will b. I want to watch silver surfer and ocean 13 first. but then again...time is da factor. hmmm.....if only they can make a movie that shows rajni going to da moon...if only.

[lisa] thanz a million for droppin by. certainly. new ppl to meet and learn. John abrahamm...ive not seen his movies yet..wait I might have...the one set in tibet or somethif.
Neodawn said…
fans will love it. period. :(
Nahuatl said…
Amitha Bachan (What do the northis see in him - oh, btw...since Rajni is chums with Big B, there might be a Amitha Bachan special appearance...)

I have told u zillion times : its Amitabh Bacchan!!! Practice some dictation.

Any u advising me to be like Amitabh when u don't like him urself?? :P :D

In their ideal world dream, they are Americans living an Indian Dream (Married to Super good looking trophy wives, or married to some big time doctor, engineer, IT guy from the US

I admit, its so true. And it sux
Ghost Particle said…
[neodawn] yes its always the fan. but what bugs me is that the fan bugs us non-fans. thats the bad part.

[nayan] bad at the spelling department. When i said amitbahcan i meant that you become famous like him not be like him. And coz u dont know any south indian heroes, I can only mention bolly heroes to you bro. Hemm...maybe ull get a trophy chick too...cross ur fingers.
Nirek said…
Sivaji fever is rocking even in bangalore dude! I feel bad for not being so crazy fan of him!!! :)
Keshi said…
lolz I saw it was FANTASTIC!


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