Saturday, June 23

Almost a Tomorrow

Is there a GP essay? I read a comment for my post in another blog and an anon left such a comment. I'm branded! I should be worth a billion dollar by this week, virtual money that is. This is an economic future, people have perceptions, inceptions and inspirations. The last time I checked there are 25 million social networking sites. 250 billion members. From 35 planets, 10 Galaxies. This is 2085.

Ok so you decided to be a drama queen, but why force everyone to believe you. A million mineral water bottles are sold a day in Mars. That was not, I repeat, Not a puddle of water they found on Mars, it never was. Somebody found oil though, a full 30 years after all the car makers self annihilated. So now they're offering bitumen cosmetics to mine workers from Mercury to Pluto. By now every country on earth had at least 10 Miss Worlds and countless supermodels. They are gene splicing to make babies born with dimple cheeks and self renewing makeups. Indians are born with a pottu, always red, sometimes purple.

Planet Sunita revolved around the now dead star Rajini 101 in the Galaxy Sivaji. A fans wet dream, but this is just another news among many. What? A bomb a day in Iraq? Today? Yes, for the past 77 years. Amazing, but is there anyone left to kill there? Wait, America is still on foreign service? And they blame the legionnaires. French fries is still called French fries in 20 planets, strangely not on the Moon. But at the end of the day, like the great BBD once said, Shriya's boobs will save the day. Amen.

I have this recollection of past stories that make me cry sometimes, but the view out of the observation deck makes me spill unconscious tears all the time. The majestic Sagittarius's cluster, all the nebulae in our dreams and we finally can have a backyard view to die for. Vigor, destiny and the will to live, all the dreams of mankind are now sold in HD-DVD's. Something never becomes obsolete, like the sex drive of rabbits or internet porn. Which by the way now can be accessed in 25 planets. Wait till you see them, you thought two bo...were more than enough. Something never dies.

Movie makers still make sequals, and Optimus prime is now fighting Jack Sparrow in Metropolis. Atleast Batman is real. Visited Christian Bale's museum the other day, what a fine actor he was. Vaguely remember on black man who balded his head in a Tamil movie to milk fan sentiment. Reviewers went orgasmic. Multiple auto-orgasms were reported around the world. And a burned down cinema. Thank you God I'm not a movie maker. I'm a writer. A profession worst, making 30 billion people believe in thunder. Lightning, that I can make you trust, but thunder? How the heck can you believe what you hear?

Had this guy peddling porn and LSD on the streets of Pluto. Cold planet, drugs warms up the brain. If I wake up then it's a new story. I suspected long ago freelancing is not very romantic. Sleeping 2 hours a day, expecting miracle to happen. Sometimes you wish you can move that characters in you dreams. When was the last time you sexed your teacher just by dreaming? Dreams never die either. 21st century perverts. I don't tune in to MTV anymore, fugly bitches hosting the show. Atleast ever since Sony Walkmans started transmitting their own shows. People finally learned to watch stuff on 2.5 inch screens. I cant tough. I'm retro dude. Still biking my way in the desert planets of Sirius. Yawn, grandma stories no more is life going to suck more because we see no beaches along the roads of Valhala. No heroes died here.

Ever wondered what keeps us going? If there is one thing you can tell a person, whoever it was, one thing that can keep the fire burning. To make most of it all, to survive the future, what would it be? 'I Love You'. Idiot spent 27 years chasing shadows, dissecting weekends that makes search for a cure for cancer like a walk in the yard. Words. People, learn from me. Walk the walk, but don't ever walk the talk. They burn people whom they don't understand. The other day they tried to hurl an asteroid onto Planet Rushdie. Satans, be doomed them to the graves of gravity.

Them people who dreamed but stop halfway, you cowards. We could have made this great, but you had to go. I'll wait and see how low the pssy stays sweet. Then we will have a long talk around campfires. In the Joshua desserts of route 66...or route 202.184.22.***. I IM 25 million people daily, fucking Vegans don't know a shit about video games. Wonder what they do on exam nights. Losers. Everyone wishes to fly, fly through the wall but no shit wont happen if you park your ass 24 hours a day wanking to playmates.

Religion, now surely you want to know about this, religion dies. Yes folks, it died around 2035. Now they just bomb people for fun and run and hide behind walls. Used to be they bomb and shout some gibberish about not having Domino's over at their cuntry....Country. Sorry, grammar checkers and spell checkers are banned in the United Planets of Water Lovers. Seems students hide algorithms in them to cheat during exams. More things that don't go away. So you may ask again yourself tomorrow, is God important or is water important? Is God important or air important? Is God important or the brain that God gave worth using first?

Home now. Strange weekend, could swear it lasted a whole week. What would be great is an unending beach, everlasting fire and a lady friend. But you can only dream of that. Or, take LSD. Fire. The End. My Magnum Opus. If they can give Nobel prizes for lost civilizations on a hundred year journey, surely one for the one who predicted the one future. That would be worth waiting. Adieu. Awake.

No, the earth don't stop warming, no matter who 'did' it or why it happened. Move away from the shores my friends, dont say I didnt warn you. This is ofcourse if the rock from space dont get to you first. In any outcome, Monday morning will still suck, and Friday will remain TGIF and Sunday will remain in Tesco.

Remember next week is More Than Meets The Eye.

For now Muskrat Love rocks. Or Curtis Stigers...Love makes us Laugh, Love makes us Cry...

P/S: Oh dream of suckers. The world ain't gonna give you anything but heartache. Or just go die if you can't face the future.


Anonymous said...
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Kavi said...

Thats some vision. With the past and the present woven in !

You think linear and in 3 D ! Whew

Nachi said...

*i bow to you O' great GP!*

...very well imagined and equally well put down in words. you truly are something bro.


Velu Nair said...

Thats quite an exhaustive post, GP!

Nahuatl said...


this is funny! :D

so long, fatboy-no-slim :P

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi] thanx sar. If only I can control it and tap into it and I can come out with a kickass novel!

[nachi] bow thy friend in front of the ruler...muhahahha...okay no bow all, we are buddies...we can settle this with a few beers at a beach somwhere...:p

[velu] yes it is long...thanx for enduring it!!! Too many ideas in a writing can make us tired.

[nayan] ok...where the heck did you get the fatboy tingy? hhahahaha... thanx bro.

Ghost Particle said...

[bbd] dude, sorry have to delete ur phone numbers la...donkie.

Keshi said...

**The world ain't gonna give you anything but heartache.

do I give u a heartache? :) rem Im part of this world too hehe.


Keshi said...

btw Ghosty, I read in Jeevan's blog that he's ok...Balaji had spoken to him n it's only a PC issue.


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] dont woryy keshi, thats only a strange future. friends future is different. Any future with you will surely be colorful and nice.

Thanx about Jeevan, thanks to Balaji too for finding out.

Keshi said...




it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny