Wednesday, June 13

2007 Human Trafficking Blacklist

What a way to celebrate Malaysia's 50th Independence anniversary. The US of A just added us into its Human Trafficking blacklist. Must be a proud day for all Malaysians.

Here is an excerpt from Yahoo News:
"But Malaysia made its first appearance on "Tier 3" for its failure to protect and identify victims of trafficking, many of them Indonesian domestics.

"The Malaysian government needs to demonstrate stronger political will to tackle Malaysia's significant forced labor and sex trafficking problems," the report said."

[Full Report]

I want to see how the spin doctors spin this one. Everyone knows its true, and then everyone just wont do anything about it. Talking about forced labor, you could only guess who could be brave enough to do that, well that happens today, in the 21st century where anything can happen. And Indians are the victims again, in estates and elsewhere.

[#] Hate to post stuff like this, but we must not be ignorant.

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Kavi said...

Sad ! but is this true ? I am not sure of what any spin doctor says. they say it for their own purposes


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