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Santorini Sunset, The Garden of Time

What beauty doesn’t cover its face
in the turbulent times, in clouds
nebulae and an oasis of star birth
across the known universe, deep
as deep as the mind can shape dreams

as i watched a faraway beauty,
mesmerized by the Santorini sunset
where the sea melts into the sands
and humans give life to it again
as it recedes into a night of dreams

through her eyes come a reluctant day
of reflections from the Planck past
a turbulent beginning as well an end
what we seek in this universe, is closed
is closed to our eyes, on an eternal break

the wandering star, on the Sagittarius arm
a blue planet among many dead ones
what more we can ask to see and seek
if not the mysteries of the universe
from the lands of green earth, reflect

Santorini days, sunsets and music parades
moonlit concerts, yellow shadows and dancers
in red and immaculate colors, they danced
musical strings to time strings, the gardens
of times beginning and ending in the endless
starlit universe

Santorini Sunset frequenting dreams
waking visitors in warm nights
the calderas and islands, and tearful eyes
majestic beauty unrivaled in times eye
will this last forever, we shall never find
in a starlit universe

but a Santorini sunset, we can seek
in the gardens of time
in a starlit universe
where beginning and end
never meets

Eternity and forever sunsets
on foreign seasides
across time and space
in a starlit universe...

[-] I stopped realizing what poems really are, so this mash of ideas is all the world will get from me... :P


QUASAR9 said…
Hi Ghost Particle,
with verse that good
you can't seriously be thinking of giving up physics.

One can be a poet and a great physicist too
QUASAR9 said…
I thought this was your sort of thing.
The kind of stuff that got your imagination and the 'cosmic juices' flowing
Jeevan said…
Beautiful poem!! it talks your evening on weekend.
Keshi said…
Great verse!

Wuts wrong?

homo escapeons said…
ghosty that was an awesome poem.
I think that trying to figure it out too much can only spoil it.

We are a blue planet among many dead ones...and if we think about that too hard we will go crazy!
Pauline said…
:) just write your words...
Nachi said…
wah wah!! :)

lovely as always, bro!
tulipspeaks said…
I got shock seeing the header. Thought I landed sumwhr else!

how r u doing buddy?

Ghost Particle said…
[Q9] im not i wont ever...just giving up hope on this university and country...true art and physics goes down very well. Thanx for the post, that was really superb.

[jeev] bro, true to say, weeknd evenings are nice.

[kesh] nothing wrong luv, just dat me brain is gone. :p

[h-e] thanx ji, really, think too much are brain goes meatloaf. :p

[pauline] true true...unique! thanx a million.

[nachi] my brother frm farway, thanx!!!

[ammu] heheheh...its the finals...cant help it :p im fine, and u.
Keshi said…
awww u called me 'luv'

Hey, that was a wonderful poem. And I am not going to analyse it.

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