Thursday, May 31

A Nameless Zeppelin

Waiting for dinner
still waiting for dinner
up above the clouds
in a nameless Zeppelin
waiting for dinner
thats never coming

in the backyard
lying on the lawn
as the wind dances
with dry cloths on the cloths line
up above the clouds
a nameless Zeppelin flies

watering word into history
dying to make a name for her
as she paints the masses with
one liners and desperate drama's
up above the sky
flies a Zeppelin bigger than her head

landing fishing boats
along the Caspian sea
would realize for a fee
that the sea is dying wondering
up above the sky
the mysterious Zeppelin sees

evening ladies around the village
shares baking stories with adolescent girls
but in the streets of Baghdad happens
an innocent girl is lynched to death
but up above the sky
a nameless God is left wondering

and I'm still waiting
still waiting for my dinner
in a nameless Zeppelin
circling a cloudy sky
watching the horizon
for deadly thunder storms...

[#] wrote this in 15 minutes, watching the news channels for world bulletins. If you think this poem is strange, then the world is stranger.


Kavi said...

The poem connects. The world still doesnt !

Jeevan said...

Second last para lines are catches the mind. Nameless travel!

Keshi said...

Ghosty Im strange :)


,\m/ said...

macha....... a name for ur zeppelin would be LED, cuz led zeppelin rocks. haha i m being random. havne tcome here in ages! wassup?

gautami tripathy said...

Strange? Nothing strange about it.

Like Keshi says, I too am strange..LOL!


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