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Havana Nights

Seldom light flicker this faint
maybe deceiving fairies searching in vain
rectangular monuments dwarfing stars
traveling poet gather in circles in the rain

the spirits come out during the dying nights
they ghost the city boarding the last train
snaking the metallic tracks among voices
almost like the whispers of the insane

carved out of a violent history for love
just the way the poets cherish to retain
languishing unmoving along cascading times
are lovers kissing craving to entertain

Havana as majestic and mysterious as the skies
silenced dungeons with liberators in chain
all the nights we can sing and tell stories of
as the nights of Havana 'sleeps' into tomorrows domain

[*] something of Havana that makes me want to go there.
[-] And I will write what I feel, true, Pauline, thank you.


"carved out of a violent history for love
just the way the poets cherish to retain
languishing unmoving along cascading times"

What lines!

Glad you are writing poetry and see I got here first!
homo escapeons said…
I am glad too! Canada is cool with Cuba but our neighbour to the South, not so much.

To think that Cuba is only 90 miles away from the States. Godfather II is the best reconstruction of how amazing Havanna was before Castro..before Vegas.

I love the images of all those vintage automobiles still driving around is like a time capsule. Michael Moore has a new film pointing out that the poorest people in Cuba have better healthcare that Americans.
Jeevan said…
Glad one day you visit this dream island soon... nice.
Keshi said…
so ur in Cuba now? :) Nice verse!

Kavi said…
Excellent ! Poet or Physicist ? Poet ! Yes ! To me !
Velu Nair said…

Jope u still remember me as a regular who used to hang around here... ;) :)

How have u been pal?
Ramya said…
Wheee, Cuba inspiring verses !
Nice one !!

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