Wednesday, May 23

Good Times Was Yesterday

Karthikeyan: Just curious. Do people out there speak about Rajini's Shivaji?
10:59 PM me: YES, theyre nuts here
Karthikeyan: hmm
me: and im going nuts coz im not a fan and my housemate is!
its not going to come out till june 15

11:00 PM Karthikeyan: The music sounds horrible to me. How about your roomate
me: he loves every single hell about rajni
so what can i say
the music is bad
Karthikeyan: Really bad
me: atrocius becoz i tink thats wat shankar has asked
there is no character in it
11:01 PM and i cant understand the indians fascination of rap mix and rahman fusion style
Karthikeyan: To me Shankar is never was and is a good director,
me: he is not
Karthikeyan: I hear Bob marley and not ARR when I hear that crap oru kodai song
me: he is just an expensive version of ravikumar
Karthikeyan: Kool
11:02 PM Very well said

me: rahman is copying too much
even the new york nagaram is a rip off of with or without you from U2
Karthikeyan: Is it ?I don't understand people
me: even ravikumar delivers sometimes, but shankar just gives visual drugs to satisfy the people to watch the films

11:03 PM Karthikeyan: go crazy about the ARR went to london to get inspired
Holy crap
me: i wont sell IR if it takes a million years to find another person as good as him
Karthikeyan: true
11:04 PM me: he went there for the money
its all natural his fusion is bad
bombay dreams american review was very veyr bad
theyre not the west end type of people in us
theve seen all crap that came out of london
Karthikeyan: Agree

11:05 PM me: so i tink they saw what rahman was capable and how he doesnt do what he is capable of
but for me rahman died in the anthimantarai seasons
roja, bombay maybe, anthi
thats it
Karthikeyan: Roja. Duet. Pudhiya Mugam. Anthimantharai. Kizhaku Cheemai
11:06 PM I can only pick the above albums from ARR
Rest I hate
11:08 PM me: yes duet and puthiya mugam
but if u see the instrumental albums like duet, or the vocal powers of sangaman, its not rahmans world , he is just being a good host
Karthikeyan: True

11:09 PM me: ir has the magic, period
he works the notes
Karthikeyan: Heard is latest Cheeni Kum.
11:10 PM Even though he has reused old tamil songs for hindi it os out of the world
me: rahman continues to confuse with fusion, its hurtful to listen to his works because he is arrogant enough to dish out such works because the indians for sure wont study its origins
Karthikeyan: Amazing styff.
If you have worldspace radio, it is easy to track the original.
me: ir should have painted the 90's and 2000 more prolifically
11:11 PM ar would not have a chance if ir did not slow down
its all maniratnam to blame for
Karthikeyan: Ego clashes

11:13 PM me: true
you know
for all the superb show from indian
ragamaliga amd spb singging
11:14 PM sabtha swarangal
the talent pool is amazing
its like the brazil of music out there in India
but why why why single out rahman

Karthikeyan: I agree. How is malay cinema by the way.
11:15 PM me: worst than ever...
the days are gone when the greats like pramlee ruled the movie screens
Karthikeyan: Who dominates the scene
me: nowadays they jus take tamil and hindi movies are make them into malay movies
11:16 PM the Tamil malaysian movie scene is so bad, i dont want to talk bout it
theyre more obssesed with makeups and jewelary than acting
Karthikeyan: How is influence form Hong Kong movies
me: i heard somewhere canadian tamils are making good tamil movies
but havent seen any
11:17 PM Karthikeyan: They do not get exposure here in India
me: hong kong movies are big time here...but theyre heavily influenced by hollywood nowdays, the same full gear swat team tackling gangster kind of stories
gone are the days when tsui came out with crime movies that looks damn good and 'humane'
the cinema of 21st century is dead bro

11:18 PM Karthikeyan: Same is the case here,
me: unless the media is transfered to the 21st century, we are stuck with mass mind drugs rather than stories and acting and philosophical influences
Karthikeyan: But at least Tamil movies are watchable.
So called Indian movies (Bollywood , Hindi) suck big time
11:19 PM me: yeh, wouldnt give my life for it, but tamil movies are a stage above the rest
i saw veyil the other day, never knew the story could be spun in such a way
imagine the hero, whats his name again
he even acted in mani's movie
11:20 PM Karthikeyan: The hero is Pasupathi.
The other younger one is Bharath
11:21 PM me: YES YES pasubathi
he is a package i tell you
he is excellent
true tamilian emotions
11:22 PM Karthikeyan: He is basically from Koothupattrai.
So he should be well versed in acting

11:23 PM me: oh
he would make good art movie material
its like christian bale
he is amazing in art movies
when he came to mainstreamm for batman, prestige he carried the art with him
thats why hes good
but i dont want to see him in mainstream forever
11:24 PM hollywoods demands are ludicrous
Karthikeyan: Some of the recent hollywood movies makes Indian movies look really good.
11:25 PM me: HAHAHA
well said
the formula is lost

11:26 PM Karthikeyan: yes
me: can you imagine how spielberg rushed to war of the worlds
he screwed it
his sf's are good before
but then what happened?
Karthikeyan: I do have the same feeling
me: its the demand of screening profits, studio execs
11:27 PM that would be the main reason lucas did not give any star wars episodes for him
Karthikeyan: oh
me: spielberg is like shankar in many ways, he used to be fresh
AI and minority report was great because he worked with what he wanted

11:28 PM Karthikeyan: I beg to differ. Shankar was never fresh
me: but then bug headed tom cruise wanted a scientology movie...its when they give in to actors who produce movies
that wat happens
shankar is just a copycat
Karthikeyan: Recently saw Gentleman in KTV and the entire plot is at fault.
me: even with USD 1 or 2 mill we can get decent sfx in india and make a nice small movie
Karthikeyan: I don't know how it became famour
11:29 PM me: but we have the demans of avm, the present rajni mob, rahmans allure, a dn shankars dream job
gentleman blasted into the screen

...... (excerpts from a two thousand mile chat, wish it was like this everyday, with good company and great music (:P)


Keshi said...

2000miles indeed! :)

**but we have the demans of avm, the present rajni mob, rahmans allure, a dn shankars dream job

With Rajini flying thru concrete walls, u'll make it to Blockbuster anyways! :)


Kavi said...

what a conversation 2000 miles away indeed !

And how interesting. Viva technology

praveen said...

I seriously do not see wats so great in rajni..and I know this movie is gonna be filled with nothing but rajni's stunts, his d ialogues, his blond hair and his million dollar dance.. lolz....OMG, i THIN K im seeing brickbats flying towards me already..escpe!!!!!

gautami tripathy said...

Now that I call is a record of the conversation!!

Jeevan said...

A deep discussion about film industry!!
The expectation was very high about Shivaji.


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