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Everyone needs help someday...even Spiderman!

Spiderman 3 sucks. Hahahahahahahah!

Okay, this is not a review, yet it is. We sat through Spidey 1 and Spidey 2, thought its cool and all, but then comes this below average Spidey 3. So you tought X-men 3 was screwed when BS left, but then me thinks Sam Raimi screwed this by not leaving it! Come on, the bad guys turns good? Remorse? WTF! If there is one single reason why there are comic book stories is that because the Good Guys (TM) stays good and the Bad Guys (TM) stays bad! At the end of Spidey 3, Goblin Jr dies, the sand man flies of to somewhere (after confessing he did all this because of his daugther to which Spider dude forgives him!!!), and yeh yeh Peter gets his girl. But heck guys, how could the villains be forgiven, haven't these guys watched Superman or something, the Villans gets kicked in da ass then dies or comes back badder.

And this have been said since the first movie, why...why get a sissy Peter Parker? WHY?! He even cries like a baby in this movie. Goblin Jr looks good for a spidey role, Toby...YOU SUCK! And the soundtrack was so so passable, the actions scenes are nothing much, and as usual, the dialog sucks. They had great lines, even some in this movie, but after an over saturated summer last year and till now, you feel like you're hearing the same damn thing everytime. Theyre supposed to move towards great scripted movies, not sink into the Star Wars Bad Scripting moments. Dear movie makers, PLEASE GROW UP!

All said and done, this movie will probably make a trillian bucks and save Sony's ass once again from economic harakiri. PS3 is dead man....dead as a duck in a chicken rice stall.

If you still want to watch a great summer movie...wait for Pirates 3 or Transformers or da Silver Surfer dude who looks real cool...for Spiderman 3, I will give a 5 Pirate DVD rating. (means you go get a pirate DVD!!! and watch it at home)...and please dont give me that I think its was ok comment....duh...

Oh yeh...there are Spoilers in this post...or wait...should i be saying this at the start? Damn! And yes...even the bad alien thingy..Venom...dies!!! HAHHAHAHAHHA...


Shiv said… was to watch it this sunday! boo hoo
Kavi said…
Boy sounds like some strange web ! Doesnt it ..?
praveen said…
hahahaha....its quite evident that u hate spidy 3.. i never really liked spidy 2 either..ok ok...i'll be a good pal and stay off the cinema's. I 'm on holiday now and there's nothing nice to watch...g damn!!
Jeevan said…
I think the spiderman can stop in his 3rd storey itself and don't bore others by climbing up more!
Nahuatl said…
how could the villains be forgiven, haven't these guys watched Superman or something, the Villans gets kicked in da ass then dies or comes back badder.

Boy oh boy! U missed the real thing!!

If you can't forgive something that hurt you, you can't move on. That means you haven't controlled/won your anger. Peter won it. You, my dear, are still lost.

He even cries like a baby in this movie.

Wanna get me started on this??? Asshole.
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] u dummie...this is a fantasy comic story...PETER is not supposed to win any shit. You are the one who dont get it, you dream of the movie to be in the mold of bollywood movies. Spiderman was supposed to be darker, even the entry of venom into this is supposed to show the future of his world, not his sissy self. How the villains shape his self to be resilent for bigger things to come. Not any social service crap peddling new age reasons.they should have made this spiderboy so he can tell you guys how he reached puberty (together will the tears). And this ain a love story either. period. I win, you lose.

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