Monday, May 21

Every Woman, Every Man (2)

Yesterday was watching a public debate show on SunTv. A female debater, close to tears, but strong with anger reflected the modern society man's hunger lust; raping and murdering women. Children from all ages to old grandmothers are raped everyday on the streets, in schools, at homes. Will there be a solution?

But the cruelest thing is, even TRajender who was hosting the show with audacious stupidity, together with the crowd clapped to what she said. And in a grave reflection, the men folk just sat there with strange smirks in their faces. Do they even care?

Do we even care?


tulipspeaks said...

why r u watching those stuff? :S



Jeevan said...

I think when we are reading through newspapers like so much of these incidents, her talk didn't become more care. Talking through these shows is an aware to public, but it’s an aware only when we think.

homo escapeons said...

The cultural bullsh*t disparity between the value of a man and a womans is anchored to ancient idiotic notions.
Males originally gained the upper hand thanks to sheer cruelty and physical that technology and brainpower are more important males get a lot more expendible every year!

Remembe all vertebrates begin as females. There is a very good reason for that and Gaia will certainly want some revenge for all of the misery that her sisters have had to endure...don't you think?

Karthi said...

So what are the odds for liverpool?

Nahuatl said...
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Nahuatl said...

Don't generalize the stuff, will ya?

Every kind of men exist on this planet. So please, don't even think that a part of it don't think and act about it.


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