Thursday, May 10

Every Woman, Every Man

As we stop reflecting an age of war and violence, we look back into our roots and culture. Where do we come from are defined immaculately by who we are, Man and Woman. We have came a long way in terms of what we often hear as gender equality, equal rights and anti-violence against woman. Nowadays, everything is summarized into its basics, what a man needs and what a woman needs.

But despite all this, despite the days and ages of going round and round the same matter trying to pin point the problems and defining the mistakes, we did not look to solve the problems. Whats prevalent these days are hot issues such as women rights but not the real underlying issue of who wants that 'women rights'. What more, in the days of blogs and push button publishing, everyone can put forth a 'slam dunk' post about how men are evil and at the same time push ahead their agenda of looking better in the eyes of the reader. Eyes they may have, front or back, but the problems are not solved.

Maybe a hundred years ago, the mutiny of women are less recognized because the popular press is men dominated, but today the voices of women are heard and understood every second of the day. This is to say, the problems are solving themselves, people are coming to reason and we are gearing towards a human centric future rather than dominance issues. When they were pushed to fight back, they were sidelined most inhumanly and disgraced, blame the devils of the men who are our predecessors and ugly ancestors. Blame more on the scriptures and ways of God which carved a highway for men and left a gravel road for women. Recall back and you would understand that even in temples, women throng to praise the Gods of the day, even when they understood that the evil against them came from the pawns and managers of Gods. But among these, before God, there must have been a culture of violence.

So we peered back into days when we were infants in the eyes of time and then and there were no violence of hate or religion against women but lust and envy. Dominance was prevalent and then culture came as a savior. What we can summarize is that we solved problems, in many ways to ensure that no one is left behind or pushed. The history of violence is still present in homes and offices, but then there is a new generation of men and women who are working a way to stop this and eliminating is forever, impossible it may be.

You may hate me or love me for this post, but the reason is simple. The next time you write something called 'why question my ways- I'm a woman' or " why do men always go on an orgasmic dream of violating every woman out there', think again whether you are right or wrong. You may have glanced at your kitchen window of a husband slapping his wife, you may read the sardonic press going on a pleasure ride describing the rape victims and you may cry of fear at home. But do you feel everything is all right by describing all animals of God out there who are male of being a devil?

Ok, maybe its not as simple as that, not trying to vindicate all male, not trying to trash all woman, do we really understand what freedom we want? The Women of today are independent, strong and capable. The Women of yesterday were independent, strong and capable and most importantly prolonged and cherished the culture they are born into. Can I safely summarize that some women today, through their actions of demanding 'pop-freedom' are actually devising ways to escape from their roots? Throw away the archaic culture to experience another future of slavery, not from males, but from the burdens of the world.

What freedom do you want? Many single mothers out there need help because of a systematic deficiency in the male brain that triggers to dump bonds when trouble strikes. We do feel the pain, we do read stories of children working to support a family the father should have done. Then we read stories of the many strong mothers who prevailed and brought up the successful family. Why did in these cases we worked together to recognize the help some need and we did work together, men or women to bring them out of rut but when the time comes, its all male bashing? The root of the matter is that people need help, and we must look beyond the gender in giving the helping hand. Can I, in this case safely summarize that some women need help and men can give that help?

My question is, all this are happening, the needy, the person who needs to see the light of the day, there are people who are sacrificing their lives to safeguard a future for their children, but why don't the warrior princesses ever look at their stories, but go on a ego trip to justify their own bubble universe? We dont have to look far to see the many young women who are independent and bold in the blog land. I can name a few I know, but in danger of leaving out some...please do have a look at my blog roll. The issue is simple, they are rooted, they are grounded and they love life. They dont sensationalize and they don't go on a pointless list orgasm of everything right about females and wrong about men in their writings.

This is a never ending issue, it's not meant to end, let this be a start. When you write your post of anything, of the mothers day, of your friends, female or male, of a success story, look deep into the real people who make the difference. Don't fall in the same trap as some do out there to glorify a dead issue and to prime a stale story. I hate it when I flip the blogs and find posts of vagabond flavors dominating their blogs when they are wrong. Get it? Dead wrong. Please dont disgrace and detach your brains from the real world where real women have succeeded.

To be continued.

[#]All said. My Mothers day wishes (in a wrong posts :p) goes to all mothers out there who did not turn their back to a violent man but worked to change him, because they are the hands and reasons of a family, and men are mere mortals on a temporary duty to prolong our species. And also to this one woman who has been a great comic mother; Wanda Wizowski-MacPherson for nearly 15 years.


Pauline said...

"Every Woman, Every Man" What are we without each other but alone?

Keshi said...

we both need each other...or else this world would be a very dull place.

Great revealing post Ghosty, I agree with ya. Men as well as women should recognise n u'stand each others' strengths and contributions to this world.


gautami tripathy said...

One can't exist withoutthe other..well almost!

A woman can...:D

alex said...

Well written. :)

Jeevan said...

Great writing with mother’s day near.

"The root of the matter is that people need help, and we must look beyond the gender in giving the helping hand" I truly agree!

Ghost Particle said...

[pauline] true we are, we only have each other.

[keshi] yes kesh, you are one of them, who are rooted. I believe we will prevail, man and woman for the good of all.

[gautami] true...almost.hahaha...yes woman can because they want to and the did what they want to.

[alex] thanx bro.

[jeevan] true jeev, we need to help each other than bickering about chauvinist ideas'


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