Monday, May 14

And The Devil Works Overtime

[some profanity, but wont make your meal unpleasant]

I think I'm loosing the battle against my evil housemate, Billa. Contrary to that, now I'm reduced to thinking I'm the bad one there. Oh how he feigns innocence in front of all people when I snatch the bloody remote control and threatens to blow up the TV. I have to ask, whats with the people who idolize Rajni, the Brazil supporters and the Manure United supporters? Fuck you all. I mean, I love the sports, I love movies but there is the matter of decency. I hate people coming to my face and shouting Brazil is the best, Man U is the best and shit Rajni is god. Why you yindians never pray to god ah? Stupid buggers, he is a movie star who have the smallest bearing of force on yer lives and all you can say is dance around with Super Star songs. Oh pathetic worms.

Ok back to the housemate issue, well, this is not new to H+U readers, for the new ones, lemme give the lowdown. Billa* is my housemate. Through some freak cosmic event, my dreams of becoming a scientist nearly shattered because he came my housemate. Well, he and his friend (another asshole) happen to be my town mates and me being the all stupidly naive ghost invited them to be my housemates a little over 5 years ago. The rest is history, I was left ridden with bills and my savings have diminished over the years all because I dont have the slightest inkling on whats going to happen next. Safe to say, this ghost doesnt have the gift of d gap of foresight. History shall remind me that not every innocent ass out there are good.

But between all this, you may ask, why dont I just get my ass out of the place. Well, I cant!!! I feel like some devil have me in its charm and me falling into a deeper chasm everytime I want out! If I dont share the apartment with that idiot, I have to fork out the whole USD 150 rent my self, and I can simply move out with anyone else because I dont have a permanent job. Welcome to da world of freelancers. duh. My current house owner is an angel, he saved my ass for so long. In a world of tragedies, Im stuck in some sort of macabre of good and bad, in a war among good and evil and now I dont know who am I!!!

And everytime I try to do something slight in the 'revenge department' to him, damn hell, the world hits me back. Smack in da but. Yesterday, after hours of sarcasm and crap over him, I lost 50 bucks just like that in a bet!!! This is turning into a bad bad thing, I tink another round of depression will come in soon. Just when I though my migraine episode sucked the life out of me, now this!


On another note, when you think the coast is clear, the media (or the lack of them) have not been reporting about the racist fucker who happens to be a minister in this mentally challenged democratic country who went all the way to the states and met some Indian students and called them low caste. Fucking goat fucker, if all dark skinned Indians are low caste, then what are Malays?. We BLACK INDIANS WHO YOU THINK ARE LOW CASTE worked our ass of for generations to build this great country and we dont need fuckers like you who wants to be heroes in telling us who we are. We are great people, we are determined people and we are damn well HUMANS! [read more] and if you want to know why politics and stupid people never get along [read this] ---> I'm not a racist or anti-Malay...but the prevailing mentality among our Malay brethren are that we Indians in Malaysia are low caste people but in the contrary, we dont care of caste here in Malaysia, we dont practise it in the 21st century and very not succumbed to communal politics or socialistic behaviours. Please do understand. This is our 50ths anniversary as an independent nation and we still have people like this stupid minister everywhere.

Ooohh and theres more, last week some camel fuckers from the government, who are members of parliaments said really derogatory words to a female MP. And the ruling government is silent about this...oh come on, the whole of the country heard and saw them say that 'the female MP leaks every months, so what is to talk about leaking roofs!'. Fucking bastards, I wonder if they are born to animals and not women. And one of the camel fuckers refused to apologize! The vid clips [Jeff-Bocor].

I told you, the devil is working overtime nowadays...lets all pray that sanity will prevail.

For me...I'm off for dinner evil housemate!

*Name changed for safety purposes :p


gautami tripathy said...

Ghost: how can you possibly go out with HIM and have dinner?

Keshi said...

Ghosty u sound so angry. CHILLAX.


Who said that? Even if someone said that to ur face, u should not retaliate with anger. Challenge them with ur wisdom.


tulipspeaks said...

sensing a lot of anger here!



Ghost Particle said...

[gautami] coz deep a good guy...i have about 10 minutes recovery time before conscience gets mom says I cant ever be a police man or something like that...

[keshi] we will and we must!

[ammu] im a tad bit late in posting it, but I just wanted to know whether the whole thing is true. hugs.

Jeevan said...

I pray for a peace relationship between u and ur housemate:)
I heard that Indians were brought there to destroy some parts of forest to build the Malaysia.

Kavi said...

I saw an interview recently about Danish cartoons about the prophet. and there was a muslim preacher talking tolerance !

And he said something to the effect of "I dont think Islam, a faith of a billion people will be affected by a cartoonist and his caricature!" That was a wow moment for me !

I dont think such cartoons in each parliament needs to affect us and our value systems. We are simple honest people and our motives, love, passion and national pride are not for discussion !!

Chill !

Nahuatl said...

Billa is okay.. who the fuck is Rajni?

You think you are smart enough, butthead? :P

Caste system in Malaysia? Must be a gift from ancient India. Damn.


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