Thursday, May 31

A Nameless Zeppelin

Waiting for dinner
still waiting for dinner
up above the clouds
in a nameless Zeppelin
waiting for dinner
thats never coming

in the backyard
lying on the lawn
as the wind dances
with dry cloths on the cloths line
up above the clouds
a nameless Zeppelin flies

watering word into history
dying to make a name for her
as she paints the masses with
one liners and desperate drama's
up above the sky
flies a Zeppelin bigger than her head

landing fishing boats
along the Caspian sea
would realize for a fee
that the sea is dying wondering
up above the sky
the mysterious Zeppelin sees

evening ladies around the village
shares baking stories with adolescent girls
but in the streets of Baghdad happens
an innocent girl is lynched to death
but up above the sky
a nameless God is left wondering

and I'm still waiting
still waiting for my dinner
in a nameless Zeppelin
circling a cloudy sky
watching the horizon
for deadly thunder storms...

[#] wrote this in 15 minutes, watching the news channels for world bulletins. If you think this poem is strange, then the world is stranger.

Wednesday, May 30

I'm a lousy photographer...

Finally a photo update, it's been long...

New Dude in da Hood...Tina a.k.a 'Gunting'

Hate it when they book the hotel but dont take the food package....grrr....anyway...this is one side of the hotel, the other side ill try to get today. U can see the twin towers n a distance...

Ghost does a good looking pasta, but then he made the pasta noodle first, and the sauce after dat, in which time the pasta frooze! Disgusting. And then since I cant afford real cheese which costs like USD 5 per 100 grams here, its krafts singles there...muhahahha...

This thing is called Papachan...its Toshiba's mascot of some kind. Dude, like wtf is it???!!!!

Its proven that you dont need a microwave to heat pizza...a hairdryer would do... :p

Saturday, May 26

Havana Nights

Seldom light flicker this faint
maybe deceiving fairies searching in vain
rectangular monuments dwarfing stars
traveling poet gather in circles in the rain

the spirits come out during the dying nights
they ghost the city boarding the last train
snaking the metallic tracks among voices
almost like the whispers of the insane

carved out of a violent history for love
just the way the poets cherish to retain
languishing unmoving along cascading times
are lovers kissing craving to entertain

Havana as majestic and mysterious as the skies
silenced dungeons with liberators in chain
all the nights we can sing and tell stories of
as the nights of Havana 'sleeps' into tomorrows domain

[*] something of Havana that makes me want to go there.
[-] And I will write what I feel, true, Pauline, thank you.

Thursday, May 24

5 times right, twice wrong, and You'll Never Walk Alone

As the spiritual anthem "You'll Never Walked Alone" reverberated almost immaculately across the Olympic Stadia, a lot of eyes shed tears among loving, century aged Liverpool fans. But it ended, and it ended well. Somebody has to win, and LFC lost to a better team.
If there is any regret, my biggest regret is that Manchester United is not in the finals, and if the is one consolation from the Champions League is that its Milan in the final and not Manchester United who won last night.
I'd say now AC Milan and Liverpool are even, and maybe, just maybe this will be the start of a new rivalry, something beyond the stale MU, Liverpool charade thats been going on for years. In Europe, Liverpool play masterclass football, at home, Man U rules and they rule knowing that there is no future beyond Alex Ferguson. Liverpool has qualified for a record 7 CL final, and won it 5 times. The first lost was to Juventus in 1985 when which the Heysel Stadium Tragedy happened and the second was yesterday.

But yesterdays game failed to exorcise the hangover of the 05' Final at Istanbul. Legend has it (or fan talk has it) even the Pope asked to see where God resides in the Atartuk Stadium. Maybe this sweet hangover will last a hundred years. And maybe during this century a hundred more legends in the likes of Gerrard, Caragher, Finnan, Riise and the gang will arise and take that leap of glory. And maybe for the next hundred years we will win every silverware there is to win.

What do we learn from these big rivalry and big games? If you watched enough football and shed enough tears in winless nights, you know that in modern days, beyond Pele, there are legends like Paolo Maldini who played in 8 champions league finals, won 5 winners medals, marvels like Clarence Seedorf who won 4 times with 3 different teams, Ryan Giggs who collected a massive 9 EPL winners medals and played 700 games for Man U, super strikers like Thiery Henry who ghosts opponents and scores magical bullets no goal keeper can stop, and God's Avatars in the form of Zinedine Zidane for whom I have no words that to pray to, and among them you have the young 'legends' like Kaka (whose life story you must read!). These are modern day professional players, who play 60 to 70 games a year and are telecast live to billions of fans, and whom have dictated the fields of glory with undying passion.

But in the glory moments, during the rut, during the days when we wait forever for the golden sky, there is one club in my heart more than any out there and thats Liverpool FC. The most decorated club in English history, and one of only 5 European teams who owns the prestigious UEFA Badge of Honor. And with all this, what more could I ask, apart from erasing the memory of the painful defeat yesterday, but to be born as a Scouse (fingers crossed) or forever a Liverpool fan wherever I am and I will be.

And yes, thanking God again that I am not a Manure United...sorry...Manchester United Fan :p

You'll Never Walk Alone

When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of the storm there's a golden sky
And the sweet, silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone.
You'll never walk alone.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone.
You'll ne-ever walk alone.

[#] A fan post. Be sure to read the poem at the end. This sums up of what ALL Liverpool fans are thinking right now. (Oh...and yes, Sportingo is awesome.

Wednesday, May 23

Good Times Was Yesterday

Karthikeyan: Just curious. Do people out there speak about Rajini's Shivaji?
10:59 PM me: YES, theyre nuts here
Karthikeyan: hmm
me: and im going nuts coz im not a fan and my housemate is!
its not going to come out till june 15

11:00 PM Karthikeyan: The music sounds horrible to me. How about your roomate
me: he loves every single hell about rajni
so what can i say
the music is bad
Karthikeyan: Really bad
me: atrocius becoz i tink thats wat shankar has asked
there is no character in it
11:01 PM and i cant understand the indians fascination of rap mix and rahman fusion style
Karthikeyan: To me Shankar is never was and is a good director,
me: he is not
Karthikeyan: I hear Bob marley and not ARR when I hear that crap oru kodai song
me: he is just an expensive version of ravikumar
Karthikeyan: Kool
11:02 PM Very well said

me: rahman is copying too much
even the new york nagaram is a rip off of with or without you from U2
Karthikeyan: Is it ?I don't understand people
me: even ravikumar delivers sometimes, but shankar just gives visual drugs to satisfy the people to watch the films

11:03 PM Karthikeyan: go crazy about the ARR went to london to get inspired
Holy crap
me: i wont sell IR if it takes a million years to find another person as good as him
Karthikeyan: true
11:04 PM me: he went there for the money
its all natural his fusion is bad
bombay dreams american review was very veyr bad
theyre not the west end type of people in us
theve seen all crap that came out of london
Karthikeyan: Agree

11:05 PM me: so i tink they saw what rahman was capable and how he doesnt do what he is capable of
but for me rahman died in the anthimantarai seasons
roja, bombay maybe, anthi
thats it
Karthikeyan: Roja. Duet. Pudhiya Mugam. Anthimantharai. Kizhaku Cheemai
11:06 PM I can only pick the above albums from ARR
Rest I hate
11:08 PM me: yes duet and puthiya mugam
but if u see the instrumental albums like duet, or the vocal powers of sangaman, its not rahmans world , he is just being a good host
Karthikeyan: True

11:09 PM me: ir has the magic, period
he works the notes
Karthikeyan: Heard is latest Cheeni Kum.
11:10 PM Even though he has reused old tamil songs for hindi it os out of the world
me: rahman continues to confuse with fusion, its hurtful to listen to his works because he is arrogant enough to dish out such works because the indians for sure wont study its origins
Karthikeyan: Amazing styff.
If you have worldspace radio, it is easy to track the original.
me: ir should have painted the 90's and 2000 more prolifically
11:11 PM ar would not have a chance if ir did not slow down
its all maniratnam to blame for
Karthikeyan: Ego clashes

11:13 PM me: true
you know
for all the superb show from indian
ragamaliga amd spb singging
11:14 PM sabtha swarangal
the talent pool is amazing
its like the brazil of music out there in India
but why why why single out rahman

Karthikeyan: I agree. How is malay cinema by the way.
11:15 PM me: worst than ever...
the days are gone when the greats like pramlee ruled the movie screens
Karthikeyan: Who dominates the scene
me: nowadays they jus take tamil and hindi movies are make them into malay movies
11:16 PM the Tamil malaysian movie scene is so bad, i dont want to talk bout it
theyre more obssesed with makeups and jewelary than acting
Karthikeyan: How is influence form Hong Kong movies
me: i heard somewhere canadian tamils are making good tamil movies
but havent seen any
11:17 PM Karthikeyan: They do not get exposure here in India
me: hong kong movies are big time here...but theyre heavily influenced by hollywood nowdays, the same full gear swat team tackling gangster kind of stories
gone are the days when tsui came out with crime movies that looks damn good and 'humane'
the cinema of 21st century is dead bro

11:18 PM Karthikeyan: Same is the case here,
me: unless the media is transfered to the 21st century, we are stuck with mass mind drugs rather than stories and acting and philosophical influences
Karthikeyan: But at least Tamil movies are watchable.
So called Indian movies (Bollywood , Hindi) suck big time
11:19 PM me: yeh, wouldnt give my life for it, but tamil movies are a stage above the rest
i saw veyil the other day, never knew the story could be spun in such a way
imagine the hero, whats his name again
he even acted in mani's movie
11:20 PM Karthikeyan: The hero is Pasupathi.
The other younger one is Bharath
11:21 PM me: YES YES pasubathi
he is a package i tell you
he is excellent
true tamilian emotions
11:22 PM Karthikeyan: He is basically from Koothupattrai.
So he should be well versed in acting

11:23 PM me: oh
he would make good art movie material
its like christian bale
he is amazing in art movies
when he came to mainstreamm for batman, prestige he carried the art with him
thats why hes good
but i dont want to see him in mainstream forever
11:24 PM hollywoods demands are ludicrous
Karthikeyan: Some of the recent hollywood movies makes Indian movies look really good.
11:25 PM me: HAHAHA
well said
the formula is lost

11:26 PM Karthikeyan: yes
me: can you imagine how spielberg rushed to war of the worlds
he screwed it
his sf's are good before
but then what happened?
Karthikeyan: I do have the same feeling
me: its the demand of screening profits, studio execs
11:27 PM that would be the main reason lucas did not give any star wars episodes for him
Karthikeyan: oh
me: spielberg is like shankar in many ways, he used to be fresh
AI and minority report was great because he worked with what he wanted

11:28 PM Karthikeyan: I beg to differ. Shankar was never fresh
me: but then bug headed tom cruise wanted a scientology movie...its when they give in to actors who produce movies
that wat happens
shankar is just a copycat
Karthikeyan: Recently saw Gentleman in KTV and the entire plot is at fault.
me: even with USD 1 or 2 mill we can get decent sfx in india and make a nice small movie
Karthikeyan: I don't know how it became famour
11:29 PM me: but we have the demans of avm, the present rajni mob, rahmans allure, a dn shankars dream job
gentleman blasted into the screen

...... (excerpts from a two thousand mile chat, wish it was like this everyday, with good company and great music (:P)

Monday, May 21

Santorini Sunset, The Garden of Time

What beauty doesn’t cover its face
in the turbulent times, in clouds
nebulae and an oasis of star birth
across the known universe, deep
as deep as the mind can shape dreams

as i watched a faraway beauty,
mesmerized by the Santorini sunset
where the sea melts into the sands
and humans give life to it again
as it recedes into a night of dreams

through her eyes come a reluctant day
of reflections from the Planck past
a turbulent beginning as well an end
what we seek in this universe, is closed
is closed to our eyes, on an eternal break

the wandering star, on the Sagittarius arm
a blue planet among many dead ones
what more we can ask to see and seek
if not the mysteries of the universe
from the lands of green earth, reflect

Santorini days, sunsets and music parades
moonlit concerts, yellow shadows and dancers
in red and immaculate colors, they danced
musical strings to time strings, the gardens
of times beginning and ending in the endless
starlit universe

Santorini Sunset frequenting dreams
waking visitors in warm nights
the calderas and islands, and tearful eyes
majestic beauty unrivaled in times eye
will this last forever, we shall never find
in a starlit universe

but a Santorini sunset, we can seek
in the gardens of time
in a starlit universe
where beginning and end
never meets

Eternity and forever sunsets
on foreign seasides
across time and space
in a starlit universe...

[-] I stopped realizing what poems really are, so this mash of ideas is all the world will get from me... :P

Every Woman, Every Man (2)

Yesterday was watching a public debate show on SunTv. A female debater, close to tears, but strong with anger reflected the modern society man's hunger lust; raping and murdering women. Children from all ages to old grandmothers are raped everyday on the streets, in schools, at homes. Will there be a solution?

But the cruelest thing is, even TRajender who was hosting the show with audacious stupidity, together with the crowd clapped to what she said. And in a grave reflection, the men folk just sat there with strange smirks in their faces. Do they even care?

Do we even care?

Friday, May 18

1% and the Road to Perdition

The meeting was, well, short. They knew its their mistake, they would never own it up, so they shoved two pieces of paper in my face and asked me to fill it, get my supervisors approval and submit it so that I dont get kicked out. Well, fuck them, because I was there ready to pull the plug of the whole thing.

There is something about being given a last chance that so similar to dying. Dying, is also very similar to staying awake, immobile on the bed staring at the ceiling because your brain is working and your body is not. Yet again, during my second meeting, with my supervisor, I got so close of being screwed big time. He is a patient man, and I tested his patience. But he offered me a second chance.

The bad news of all this is, I am still in a loosing party. There is definitely no hope for msc students in this country, especially the ones who's of the 'other race'. The simple sollution would be and would have been to give me the damn grant or research funding and ask me to come out with results. I am doing a pioneering research in this country, and all they can say is that I cant get funding because I dont come out with results. How the fuck do I come out with results if I dont have the minimum amount of funds to come out with something. The cheapest a public university Msc student can survive with in a year is 25K (MYR). Its alot, especially when you dont have a job.

And this ends like this. I am in the 1% category now, and if I stick my ass here longer, I would be one forever. June 26 is the deadline, of which, everything that I fought and protested for for the past 5 years will eventually fall to their benefits. I will still loose this because, I am doing a research and will give away the glory of achievement to someone else. To balance things, I will damn publish the thesis online if it matters to anyone out there.

Next year, if my life doesnt turn around, I am leaving this country. The Road to Perdition just began today. Hell I'm waiting for June 27.

Wednesday, May 16

Have I Failed you Einstein?

The Perfect Situation

It's like the feeling when you're first waiting outside the dentist's room. Knowing something painful going to happen and not knowing anything else. Thats what happens when you are young and naive. And what will happen when you are older and still naive? The pain is not more in the surface, its deep inside.

The sad predicament I got myself into, I have only me to blame. But can passion and love for science go so deep that someone can actually shut of the world to be focused solely into something? What about the feeling of being left behind or getting older. To think that after all this years, I'm still hoping for the world to offer a level playing field.

The demon knife that struck me when they said I'm an illegal in my research department...I overshot my days here. I cant understand, after all the odds, after all the decisions to do something I really want to do, now there is this strings pulling me back. The cast of time, lets use this, the cast of time not letting me move forward. It's the norm of all postgraduate students, the inability to wake up in the morning knowing another blind day to move ahead. The blind alleys to search for the rooms and laboratories. The blind directions to clear the bureaucratic necessities that has become the indulgence of present day third world education.

Tomorrow morning at 10 am...I planned this...rehearsed this for the past hour or so. I want to go in and tell them I'm stopping. I'm dumping this course for good. It's not anyones fault but the system. I waited for 5 long years to get a research grant, what I got was chicken feed. The life of a poor graduate student, the thousands I've spend to support myself when it was the institution that was supposed to pay me. When 99% of the applicants get a research grant, you'd be praying not to be the 1%. Life's this bad for a research student.

The Riddle

The idea is to prevail beyond all trouble, and what I faced during the most troubling times were the lack of helping hand. Everyone can give you an advice, but not everyone matters. It's been a cruel journey this 5 years. But its been the best of times too. I started out with a huge desire, I discarded the many job offers, shut out many voices. But the heartbreak followed soon. When you keep bad company, it will eat you soon. The best thing is to clean up! But along these years, I've also discovered the blog and the foreign winds. I cant forget Fred, and will never. But its an ancient mystery it is, if I never looked into the cyber fraternity, would I have discovered all of you? And still, in another extreme I failed miserably.

Ancient Shores

It's almost an herculean task. But you have to admire their motivation, their desire. The first travelers, the time travelers. The built simple rafts out of tree trunks and sailed the mighty ocean. The crossed the salty deathscapes, praying way before they had God. But they looked forward, in a treacherous sea, the abyss of death waiting, the promise of land which strangely they did not foresee. What did they look for? Why did the leave the security of their familiarities and venture to find new worlds. The found land, India, Australia, Java...the spread of humanity. They had the stars to navigate...we have the stars to admire.

How ages have past, days and seconds forged ahead, the time traveler moved in and out of time, to the lands and seas again, today, we have motivations far different. But what makes us go forward?
What the Master Wanted

Physics is a field where and when we ask WHY? Unlike all the other basic science fields, the most fundamental of all is physics and the only one that looks for the answer of something beyond God. What we live to admire today, the stars and time, the economics, the chaotic struggle of life, all we owe to this one dynamic field. Physics scares the life of some people, the idea of something beyond God fractures their standings, they diverge from the concept of a God-fearing world, the think we are going towards a Godless universe, the point being that physics is trying to decipher the mind of God. And the master asked once...'did god play dice?'. A single line of word that can send shivers down any hard thinkers spines. For those who understand this beyond the norms of pop literature...this means that when you attempt to answer this, you clearly know the will of God which then diminished the need for a God. Thats what driving me, the one motivation that gives us an option to look for a second beginning. What drove Einstein at that time to forge ahead knowing well that there is a different chapter in the history of the universe.

*All Tomorrows

So whats for tomorrow? I'm still deviant in what I want, but at the same time I cant possibly promise even to me that I can go another day, week or month to finish my research. Its been etched so deep in my synapses that I wont do anything anymore without a grant, and now there is a grant and I wont get it for some obvious reasons. They why make me wait 5 years when the powers that be should have asked me to move on when I missed the first deadline a few years back. This is devils play, but I should have been stronger. Life.

What I want to do, today at least, is to end my misery, and end my research and pull out. The rest will be know tomorrow when I have the meeting. And then I will have a long talk with my supervisor and lay down everything that happened over the years and why I want to quit. But my answers for any questions will be simple. I am in the 1% category, and the masquerade of cruelty did not spare me the strength to use it to my advantage. Funding means attachment, but thats what I wanted all along. I did not feel at home at the one place thats supposed to be the stepping stone to the future. I was not welcomed even when the supervisor did almost everything he can to help me. There was one thing lacking; money. Without money, no research student can survive the mental anguish.

Now I am working, I am freelancing, I got the money (albeit not enough) but the burning desire in me is to be a physicist. To unlock the world and the universe. But my capabilities makes me think I'm not made for it. Maybe I'm just stupid. Its like this, you can go out to get new friends when you are 27, but you dont, because you want someone you've spend the 27 years with. So how do I dump all now and go out, search for a new beginning when I am lost? Seriously lost.

The End

I'm not very positive about this, I want something fresh and new, I want something I can do and I love doing. And I want people to appreciate what I'm doing. God help me go through this.

[-] I'll post the outcome tomorrow.
[*] All Tomorrows is Fred's new blog.

Tuesday, May 15

What The! (4)

And you thought you've seen it all...
Fake guava-apples being sold

PENANG: Fake guava-apple hybrids are being sold openly at fruit stalls in Cameron Highlands.

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president S.M. Mohamed Idris said the so-called hybrids posed a potential health threat to the people because of the use of artificial colouring.

[Full Article]

Monday, May 14

And The Devil Works Overtime

[some profanity, but wont make your meal unpleasant]

I think I'm loosing the battle against my evil housemate, Billa. Contrary to that, now I'm reduced to thinking I'm the bad one there. Oh how he feigns innocence in front of all people when I snatch the bloody remote control and threatens to blow up the TV. I have to ask, whats with the people who idolize Rajni, the Brazil supporters and the Manure United supporters? Fuck you all. I mean, I love the sports, I love movies but there is the matter of decency. I hate people coming to my face and shouting Brazil is the best, Man U is the best and shit Rajni is god. Why you yindians never pray to god ah? Stupid buggers, he is a movie star who have the smallest bearing of force on yer lives and all you can say is dance around with Super Star songs. Oh pathetic worms.

Ok back to the housemate issue, well, this is not new to H+U readers, for the new ones, lemme give the lowdown. Billa* is my housemate. Through some freak cosmic event, my dreams of becoming a scientist nearly shattered because he came my housemate. Well, he and his friend (another asshole) happen to be my town mates and me being the all stupidly naive ghost invited them to be my housemates a little over 5 years ago. The rest is history, I was left ridden with bills and my savings have diminished over the years all because I dont have the slightest inkling on whats going to happen next. Safe to say, this ghost doesnt have the gift of d gap of foresight. History shall remind me that not every innocent ass out there are good.

But between all this, you may ask, why dont I just get my ass out of the place. Well, I cant!!! I feel like some devil have me in its charm and me falling into a deeper chasm everytime I want out! If I dont share the apartment with that idiot, I have to fork out the whole USD 150 rent my self, and I can simply move out with anyone else because I dont have a permanent job. Welcome to da world of freelancers. duh. My current house owner is an angel, he saved my ass for so long. In a world of tragedies, Im stuck in some sort of macabre of good and bad, in a war among good and evil and now I dont know who am I!!!

And everytime I try to do something slight in the 'revenge department' to him, damn hell, the world hits me back. Smack in da but. Yesterday, after hours of sarcasm and crap over him, I lost 50 bucks just like that in a bet!!! This is turning into a bad bad thing, I tink another round of depression will come in soon. Just when I though my migraine episode sucked the life out of me, now this!


On another note, when you think the coast is clear, the media (or the lack of them) have not been reporting about the racist fucker who happens to be a minister in this mentally challenged democratic country who went all the way to the states and met some Indian students and called them low caste. Fucking goat fucker, if all dark skinned Indians are low caste, then what are Malays?. We BLACK INDIANS WHO YOU THINK ARE LOW CASTE worked our ass of for generations to build this great country and we dont need fuckers like you who wants to be heroes in telling us who we are. We are great people, we are determined people and we are damn well HUMANS! [read more] and if you want to know why politics and stupid people never get along [read this] ---> I'm not a racist or anti-Malay...but the prevailing mentality among our Malay brethren are that we Indians in Malaysia are low caste people but in the contrary, we dont care of caste here in Malaysia, we dont practise it in the 21st century and very not succumbed to communal politics or socialistic behaviours. Please do understand. This is our 50ths anniversary as an independent nation and we still have people like this stupid minister everywhere.

Ooohh and theres more, last week some camel fuckers from the government, who are members of parliaments said really derogatory words to a female MP. And the ruling government is silent about this...oh come on, the whole of the country heard and saw them say that 'the female MP leaks every months, so what is to talk about leaking roofs!'. Fucking bastards, I wonder if they are born to animals and not women. And one of the camel fuckers refused to apologize! The vid clips [Jeff-Bocor].

I told you, the devil is working overtime nowadays...lets all pray that sanity will prevail.

For me...I'm off for dinner evil housemate!

*Name changed for safety purposes :p

Friday, May 11


Memories, my thinking, my thoughts were skewed beyond comprehension. My eyesight was a flash of blur lines, the trinity of color television. All that, no movement. I walked for hours, not bumping into anything. The cold wind blew my hair, my eyes, it struck like a million needles. Joy! I do remember something now, the literature of poetry, how do i describe this world.

I woke up in the year 2250. I paid all I had, put down a huge gamble to be frozen. There were others, but I don't know how many. I was frozen in 2007. The earth then was in a cycle of reset. The machine containing me was buried miles underground. It's nuclear powered, I was to be frozen forever. To see the end of time.

Today I managed to see clearly, after almost a week. Then I cried, for days, the tears frozen at night, dry in the morning, then there were no more tears. I stared at the sky, the stars floating there, millions and billions of them. Gravity is almost poetry.

They have left, the humans. They have left earth. Humanity had made the leap, they have reached the stars.

There's no one around. They left me. Us.

Thursday, May 10

Every Woman, Every Man

As we stop reflecting an age of war and violence, we look back into our roots and culture. Where do we come from are defined immaculately by who we are, Man and Woman. We have came a long way in terms of what we often hear as gender equality, equal rights and anti-violence against woman. Nowadays, everything is summarized into its basics, what a man needs and what a woman needs.

But despite all this, despite the days and ages of going round and round the same matter trying to pin point the problems and defining the mistakes, we did not look to solve the problems. Whats prevalent these days are hot issues such as women rights but not the real underlying issue of who wants that 'women rights'. What more, in the days of blogs and push button publishing, everyone can put forth a 'slam dunk' post about how men are evil and at the same time push ahead their agenda of looking better in the eyes of the reader. Eyes they may have, front or back, but the problems are not solved.

Maybe a hundred years ago, the mutiny of women are less recognized because the popular press is men dominated, but today the voices of women are heard and understood every second of the day. This is to say, the problems are solving themselves, people are coming to reason and we are gearing towards a human centric future rather than dominance issues. When they were pushed to fight back, they were sidelined most inhumanly and disgraced, blame the devils of the men who are our predecessors and ugly ancestors. Blame more on the scriptures and ways of God which carved a highway for men and left a gravel road for women. Recall back and you would understand that even in temples, women throng to praise the Gods of the day, even when they understood that the evil against them came from the pawns and managers of Gods. But among these, before God, there must have been a culture of violence.

So we peered back into days when we were infants in the eyes of time and then and there were no violence of hate or religion against women but lust and envy. Dominance was prevalent and then culture came as a savior. What we can summarize is that we solved problems, in many ways to ensure that no one is left behind or pushed. The history of violence is still present in homes and offices, but then there is a new generation of men and women who are working a way to stop this and eliminating is forever, impossible it may be.

You may hate me or love me for this post, but the reason is simple. The next time you write something called 'why question my ways- I'm a woman' or " why do men always go on an orgasmic dream of violating every woman out there', think again whether you are right or wrong. You may have glanced at your kitchen window of a husband slapping his wife, you may read the sardonic press going on a pleasure ride describing the rape victims and you may cry of fear at home. But do you feel everything is all right by describing all animals of God out there who are male of being a devil?

Ok, maybe its not as simple as that, not trying to vindicate all male, not trying to trash all woman, do we really understand what freedom we want? The Women of today are independent, strong and capable. The Women of yesterday were independent, strong and capable and most importantly prolonged and cherished the culture they are born into. Can I safely summarize that some women today, through their actions of demanding 'pop-freedom' are actually devising ways to escape from their roots? Throw away the archaic culture to experience another future of slavery, not from males, but from the burdens of the world.

What freedom do you want? Many single mothers out there need help because of a systematic deficiency in the male brain that triggers to dump bonds when trouble strikes. We do feel the pain, we do read stories of children working to support a family the father should have done. Then we read stories of the many strong mothers who prevailed and brought up the successful family. Why did in these cases we worked together to recognize the help some need and we did work together, men or women to bring them out of rut but when the time comes, its all male bashing? The root of the matter is that people need help, and we must look beyond the gender in giving the helping hand. Can I, in this case safely summarize that some women need help and men can give that help?

My question is, all this are happening, the needy, the person who needs to see the light of the day, there are people who are sacrificing their lives to safeguard a future for their children, but why don't the warrior princesses ever look at their stories, but go on a ego trip to justify their own bubble universe? We dont have to look far to see the many young women who are independent and bold in the blog land. I can name a few I know, but in danger of leaving out some...please do have a look at my blog roll. The issue is simple, they are rooted, they are grounded and they love life. They dont sensationalize and they don't go on a pointless list orgasm of everything right about females and wrong about men in their writings.

This is a never ending issue, it's not meant to end, let this be a start. When you write your post of anything, of the mothers day, of your friends, female or male, of a success story, look deep into the real people who make the difference. Don't fall in the same trap as some do out there to glorify a dead issue and to prime a stale story. I hate it when I flip the blogs and find posts of vagabond flavors dominating their blogs when they are wrong. Get it? Dead wrong. Please dont disgrace and detach your brains from the real world where real women have succeeded.

To be continued.

[#]All said. My Mothers day wishes (in a wrong posts :p) goes to all mothers out there who did not turn their back to a violent man but worked to change him, because they are the hands and reasons of a family, and men are mere mortals on a temporary duty to prolong our species. And also to this one woman who has been a great comic mother; Wanda Wizowski-MacPherson for nearly 15 years.


When do someone run out of questions?

Tuesday, May 8

What The! (3)

I can relate to this...but why...?

Japanese find sleep, shelter in cyber cafes

By Sophie Hardach Mon May 7, 6:23 AM ET

TOKYO (Reuters) - Takeshi Yamashita does not look like a homeless person.

From his carefully distressed jeans to his casual-cool navy striped T-shirt, he is every bit the trendy Tokyoite.

Yet the 26-year-old has been sleeping in a reclining seat in an Internet cafe every night for the past month since he lost his steady office job and his apartment.


Monday, May 7

Back Without a Vengence

So tired...and the break did nothing good. I hate technology! Translators, we are, shaping the world and bringging big bucks to companies by accepting peanut payments, but then they just wont stop pushing you to the edge. Screw You N****A. Okay. I need sleep.

Friday, May 4

The Great Escape

This weekend....The Great Escape...
If you see us in the club, we'll be actin' real nice
If you see us on the floor, you'll be watchin' all night
We ain't here to hurt nobody
(So give it to me, give it to me, give it to me)
Wanna see you work your body
(So give it to me, give it to me, give it to me)
- Nelly, JT, Timbaland, Give It Me

Thursday, May 3

Everyone needs help someday...even Spiderman!

Spiderman 3 sucks. Hahahahahahahah!

Okay, this is not a review, yet it is. We sat through Spidey 1 and Spidey 2, thought its cool and all, but then comes this below average Spidey 3. So you tought X-men 3 was screwed when BS left, but then me thinks Sam Raimi screwed this by not leaving it! Come on, the bad guys turns good? Remorse? WTF! If there is one single reason why there are comic book stories is that because the Good Guys (TM) stays good and the Bad Guys (TM) stays bad! At the end of Spidey 3, Goblin Jr dies, the sand man flies of to somewhere (after confessing he did all this because of his daugther to which Spider dude forgives him!!!), and yeh yeh Peter gets his girl. But heck guys, how could the villains be forgiven, haven't these guys watched Superman or something, the Villans gets kicked in da ass then dies or comes back badder.

And this have been said since the first movie, why...why get a sissy Peter Parker? WHY?! He even cries like a baby in this movie. Goblin Jr looks good for a spidey role, Toby...YOU SUCK! And the soundtrack was so so passable, the actions scenes are nothing much, and as usual, the dialog sucks. They had great lines, even some in this movie, but after an over saturated summer last year and till now, you feel like you're hearing the same damn thing everytime. Theyre supposed to move towards great scripted movies, not sink into the Star Wars Bad Scripting moments. Dear movie makers, PLEASE GROW UP!

All said and done, this movie will probably make a trillian bucks and save Sony's ass once again from economic harakiri. PS3 is dead man....dead as a duck in a chicken rice stall.

If you still want to watch a great summer movie...wait for Pirates 3 or Transformers or da Silver Surfer dude who looks real cool...for Spiderman 3, I will give a 5 Pirate DVD rating. (means you go get a pirate DVD!!! and watch it at home)...and please dont give me that I think its was ok comment....duh...

Oh yeh...there are Spoilers in this post...or wait...should i be saying this at the start? Damn! And yes...even the bad alien thingy..Venom...dies!!! HAHHAHAHAHHA...

Wednesday, May 2

Sock It Moan-arinho

You can buy all the players in the world, you can taunt the officials, you can taunt the coach, bloody hell, you can invoke revenge attacks on referees, but you stupid Portuguese Clown Moan-arinho, you dont have Class and your team dont have Character!

'Coz Liverpool FC are Champions and you are a crazy twit.

See you in Athens!


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny