Thursday, April 26

What The!

Signs on time? Bloody Horny Bear!!!

Maybe Finally I can hit the jackpot with this, either A&W send me a lifetime supply of food or they're gonna pull all d bears out! Don't say I didn't warn you, take care of you kids! Mascots Sucks!!!


Keshi said...

LOL u caught a horny bear in the mall? good on ya! why didnt u walk up to it and ask 'r ya honry or d ya need honey?' :)


starry nights said...

could not help laughing.I wonder what he was htinking.

Jason said...

Hey, nice to hear from you Ghost.
I love pondering stuff like this.
I think loneliness is the key. Loneliness is the process that enlightens us with self-awareness and self-consciousness.

tulipspeaks said...



Homo Escapeons said...

I'm glad that we can still see his paws!
Ever notice that you can't get the smell of A&W off of you for like 3 days? Banks should use that stuff instead of ruining all of that money with exploding dye packs!

Ghost Particle said...

[kesh] to tell ya da scared of maskots and big furry animals as much as bugs...

[starry] yeh...funny aint it!

[jason] hey bro...yes I share your feelings, we create wonderful things being alone.

[tulip] heheheheh :p

[h-e] hear ya bro...and yes! the smell! shees....wonder wat they use to cook da stuff...


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